National minimum wage increased by 30 cent from February

The hourly national minimum wage exceeded €10 on February 1.   

As in previous years, the government has decided to increase the national minimum wage, this time by 30 cent an hour.

From February 1, the national minimum wage will increase to €10.10. This results from strong growth in earnings across the economy in 2019. The decision was made last year but an increase itself was postponed until more clarity on Brexit. 

“An employee on minimum wage who works a full 39-hour week will now receive an additional €11.70 per week, or an extra €608.40 gross per year,” Regina Doherty, the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection, said.  

The new rate was agreed on by representatives from industry, academic members and employees, who make up the Low Pay Commission. The hourly minimum wage has constantly been increasing; for instance, in 2015 it went up by 50 cent and in 2019 by 25 cent.

“Since 2015, we have increased the minimum wage by 13.2%,” the minister added. 

Ireland has the third highest hourly minimum wage in the European Union as of 2019.  

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Peter Dlhopolec
Peter Dlhopolec

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