“Tesis” – the mysterious Spanish movie

Pedro Almodovar, beyond doubt, is one of the most famous Spanish directors. Since he launched his first movie, the world has gone crazy about plot-twisted, dark and insane movies. A few years ago, a new wave of Spanish craze overcame the movie industry with J.A Bayona “ El Orfanato” ( Orphanage) and Guillem Morales’ “ Los ojos de Julia” (Eyes of Julia).

However, the Spanish movie industry can boast about other incredibly talented directors. One of them is Alejandro Amenabar. His most popular movies are “The Others” and “Obre los ojos”. He is the master of horror and thriller movies, peculiar, and mysterious films.The director has another great movie under his belt – “Tesis” which brings you to the brutal world of riddles, darkness and the unpredictable story of a young woman.

The movie tells the story of a young student of  a film school in Madrid who writes her thesis about violence in movies. Angela, the main character, tries to find out if there is any limit to what we should show. One day, together with her friend Chema, who is obsessed with violent movies, they find a disturbing movie of a girl who has been tortured and killed. Soon, they realize that the girl was one of the students of their school.

Apart from the fascinating and harrowing plot, “Tesis” questions showing violence in movies. Nowadays, the movie industry is overflowing with brutality and sadistic  scenes, which certainly have an impact on the viewers and their perception of human relations.

The movie was launched in 1996 and is still relevant because it still raises current issues about violence.

The Instituto Cervantes organizes a film show, where you can watch “Tesis”. It takes place on 16th of March in Pearse Street Library at 5.30.

Admission is free.


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