We Are The Champions

Every nation is exceptional and the best in some categories. Which is good. In times of capitalism when everybody has to earn the most and tell best jokes, each country want to be a leader in something. You can use this fact to explain your country’s disabilities. “Maybe our streets are not safe, but being the most dangerous in the world makes them unique”.


Here are some examples of the untypical nations :

Papua New Guinea is a country where people use the most local languages. You should buy at least eight hundred dictionaries (most of them probably don’t exist) before going there. This is also the unique place when a majority of people use smartphones and are cannibals at the same time.


In Kenya, a country which is usually known for savannas and beaches, most flowers are cultivated. On the other hand, if you watch the long-distance run, like a marathon, it will be won by someone from Kenya, maybe Ethiopia. That’s how genetics work.


The best place to lose all your savings, wife and honour, is Slovenia. They have the most casinos per citizen. Who would think this about such a small and calm country ?


Sweden has the last place on the list of God’s favourites. That’s because of the fact that 88 % per cents of its citizens are atheists. In the same time this nation is most friendly to a migrants, homosexuals and other minorities. Yes, they break all church rules.


The most peace representatives of the United Nations stay in Bangladesh. They should, because it is also one of the last countries on the safest places list.


Are you still a single looking for the woman of your dreams ? You know, 1,75m tall, 90/60/90, 150 I.Q., two millions Euro in the account. Sounds good ? In Estonia there is the biggest difference between a number of women and men. Obviously the difference is about more women (88 men per 100 women). We have to die in wars or while cleaning the garage while they just prepare pancakes.


In the same time the ugliest gender has 274 representatives for each 100 ladies in the United Arab Emirates.


The tallest people are in the Netherlands. The average Dutch male is 1.84m, female 1,71m. Anyone who says that marihuana is unhealthy, should buy a ladder, climb on it and look into the Dutch eyes.


to be continued …  *


* the USA is a country where they use “to be continued” the most often.


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