The best 11 YouTube channels to learn about photography

Do you want to learn photography but don't know where to start? So, here's a list of the 11 channels to learn about the fascinating world of photography. 

Do you want to learn photography but don’t know where to start? I feel you. Many times we are curious and we want to learn about something, but we don’t know if it’s better to take a course, read books, etc.

Nowadays, it is possible to learn whatever you want from the internet, such as all the aspects of photography. However, there is a lot of content and this can burn you out. But don’t worry, that happened to me already so here are the 11 channels that have helped me the most to learn about the fascinating world of photography. 

1. Art of Photography 

This channel with 720K subscribers has been popular on YouTube for a long time, and with good reason. Ted Forbes, the presenter of this channel, shares ideas and strategies to master the art of visual storytelling. His videos have a lot of useful information on cameras and photography. So, you can learn here how to take pictures, and he shares how to edit your pictures too. 

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2. AdoramaTV

It has over a dozen hosts that offer their experiences, insights, and suggestions about studio lighting, videography, editing, audio equipment, etc. Therefore, their videos are about photography but also a lot of reviews about cameras and even phones that you can use for mobile photography. This channel aims to help photography learners to have a better experience with their camera. 

4. DigitalRev TV

DigitalRev TV on YouTube is an extension of the DigitalRev TV website, which is a photography social network, superstore, and TV program all combined into one. It is also considered the world’s most seen and subscribed photography channel. This channel uploads new photography vlogs twice a week. They are about comparisons between cameras and challenges they do, for example, Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge.

5. FStoppers

This channel is more than just YouTube videos. It was created to be a community of photographers dedicated to giving creative professionals the best photography instruction possible. ​​They talk about technology, provide helpful techniques, and keep you up to date on anything related to photography. So you can find videos about faking effects, comparisons between a mobile phone and a camera, about the importance of the light in photography, and videos about them critiquing images submitted from the Fstoppers community. 

6. Jessica Kobeissi

This Arab-American photographer has her YouTube channel focused on fashion and portrait shooting. She also shares videos about travelling and photography tips. If you are interested in portrait photography, you must subscribe to this channel. In addition, what makes her channel different from the other ones in this list is that she shares videos about her reaction to America’s Next Top Model episodes. 

7.  Matt Granger 

Matt Granger is a portrait photographer and educator. On his channel he uploads videos about photography tips, tricks and reviews. So here you can learn about lighting in photography, which lenses are good or not, and how to apply what you know about photography in each situation like travelling, dance, fitness, cinematic, portrait photography. 

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8. Sean Tucker

This YouTube photography channel focuses on camera technique and offers production advice to his followers. Furthermore, his video quality makes the channel appear to be straight out of a movie. As he does not consider himself as a daily vlogger, he shares content not as often as other youtubers but the waiting time is worth it because of the quality of his videos. In his channel you can find information about how to start as a professional photographer, shooting different kinds of photos (street, studio, and portrait), and also how to start a photography YouTube channel. 

9. ​​ Peter McKinnon

This educational and entertaining photography vlog on YouTube has the potential to inspire and educate the photographing community. His in-depth understanding of the art, combined with a knack for storytelling, makes the channel an amazing way to know more about photography. Furthermore, his channel is a vlog about himself too. In this way, he shares opinions and personal issues like how he learnt to be productive, or what he thinks about creating videos for social media.

10. Joe Edelman

Joe Edelman, a well-known photographer who creates model portfolios all around the world, shares about his 40 years of experience in photography in his own Youtube channel. He gives online seminars on many aspects of photography and modeling. As a result, his videos are primarily on photography and photo shooting tips and tricks. He also has a photography podcast which is live, so people can ask questions and comment and get a reply from Joe instantly. 

11. SLR Lounge

This YouTube channel is a photography community where photography enthusiasts can learn in-depth about Photoshop and Lightroom. But at the same time, the channel covers all the other aspects of photography, making it one of the most popular internet tools for both novice and experienced photographers. Its videos are short and focused on a specific point of a topic. For example, poses for men, apps to edit and shoot with your phone, how to use natural light, etc. 

If you want to learn something, you must know you have to invest time in it. In this case, I hope this list of the 11 best YouTube channels to get you into the world of photography will help you get started. However, practicing is very important if you want to be a good photographer, so I recommend you to go out and take pictures either with your camera or your mobile phone.

Besides, if there is any channel you would recommend that is missing from the list, let us know in the comments below and if you already knew the ones in this list, which one is your favourite?

Liz Gutierrez
Liz Gutierrez

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