4 Art-Tech startups to discover

Are you an art or music lover? Or a painter, digital artist, or musician? Here are 4 Art-Tech startups to discover that have created the perfect match between Art and Technology. These start-ups all have the same objectives: to make access to art easier and to promote the artist’s career. 

Rise Art 

Founded in 2011 in London by Scott Phillips and Marcos Sterverlynck, Rise Art is an art marketplace promoting emerging and mid-career artists. They created this platform in collaboration with curators, galleries, and collectors:

Art-Tech startups to discover

Like a traditional gallery, all incoming artists are first reviewed by our team and curators before they can list on the site.”

As an artist you can apply, with a CV and a portfolio, to become a Rise Artist and start to sell your work. It can be paintings, prints, photos, drawings, and sculptures. By joining Rise Art, you are assisted by their dedicated teams specializing in curation, marketing, sales, and operations to help you to manage your online presence. 

This platform makes art accessible to everyone. Whether you are a beginner or a collector, you can buy art from all over the world, discover artists by consulting their biography, reading about their techniques, and discovering what is new about their approach. 

Art-Tech startups to discover
Dazzling Circus by Takashi Murakami 

On Rise Art, you can find all styles and a wide variety of prices but you also have the possibility to negotiate the price by making an offer to the artist. If you don’t want to buy because you are not sure, or you prefer to change your decor regularly, you have the possibility to rent and return the artist’s work.  

This way you can become, say, the owner of the Dazzling Circus by the famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for a few months for €160 per month.



Andrson is an Irish startup, based in Dublin, and created by Zach Miller-Frankel and Neil Dunne. Both were artists and managers and they noted that they spent too many hours searching for talent. In consequence, they created the web and mobile app Andrson to solve this problem.

Andrson is an A&R  (Artist & Repertory) platform using predictive analytics and AI. This makes it possible for the artist to be discovered faster by music labels. 

In the other sense, Andrson offers music professionals a new way to discover artists thanks to Artificial Intelligence and their large database of songs. 

How it works

Imagine that you are a singer who wants to be discovered by a label, you can upload your song, which will be scanned, and the app will make a digital fingerprint of it. Thanks to this fingerprint, Andrson will analyze and compare your song to the voices of famous artists, such as Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande. 

Then, when a music producer is looking for a voice similar to Ariana Grande’s, the platform will propose your track.  After listening to your track, they will have your contact details and may propose to work with you. As an artist, you also have the possibility to connect with other musicians and to get performance reviews of your songs. 

The labels looking for new talent can make their criteria precise on the platform, like gender, age, location, and the percentage of similarity with the artist of reference. 


Founded by Malo Girod de l’Ain and Pauline Houl, Monart is an international art community and marketplace, also offering custom exhibition services.

Monart offers many innovative art experiences open to all art lovers, artists, creators, and curators around the world. This startup mixes art with Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), which is really appreciable in covid-time.

But the concept does not stop at simply visiting artists’ studios in 3D, you can also invest in artworks. The platform is also an international marketplace that offers to buy shares of artworks or entire works in currency and/or cryptocurrency.  Monart is like an art stock exchange.

Art-Tech startups to discover
The compounded annual growth rate of the Art Market

Thus you can buy shares of a “bouquet” from €100, its total price is €500,000. The bouquet consists of about thirty works that will constitute the future permanent collection of Monart. These works are produced by confirmed, emerging, or self-taught artists. With the growth of the art market, you will then receive profits by reselling your shares.



Artomatix is an Irish startup created in 2015 by Joe Blake, producing game developer tools based on AI. It’s the first company in the world to propose AI pirate software to automate 3D content creation.

60% of development costs are invested in the graphics and visual details of a video game. With its ArtEngine software, Artomatix offers an automated solution thanks to AI and deep learning to reduce the cost and time spent on 3D design. 

The principal market of this Irish company is US design studios because they are the leaders of the gaming industry. 

For example, a developer can easily create an army of soldiers by providing the software with examples of what he expects. The ArtEngine program will then analyze the examples and create a multitude of different characters. 

Their product, ArtEngine, was quickly adapted by other industries such as textiles and fashion, the automotive industry, interior design, and product design. It simplifies the career of a digital creator because Its platform is transforming the way textures and backgrounds in 3D worlds are designed.

In March 2020, Artomatix was acquired by Unity, a platform of 3D interactive content in real-time for the game art, cinema, transport, and construction sectors. 

Alice Fouques
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