The top 6 most memorable Christmas adverts

With the new SuperValu Christmas advert taking over social media during the week, festive adverts have come to be something we anticipate each year.

Whether they make us smile from ear to ear or break out into a little cry, there is something so memorable about advertising during the holidays.

And while the SuperValu ad may be a new contender in the best of all time, we’ve come up with a list of the most memorable Christmas ads to really get you in the festive spirit.

Christmas adverts

John Lewis Christmas adverts


Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without the much-awaited John Lewis advert.

Each year the UK-based department store releases a highly emotional ad that is always guaranteed to have us crying, but it was 2015’s Man on the Moon ad that truly had us.

Highlighting the elderly people living alone, the ad showed a young girl befriending an older gentleman who lived on the moon.



You know that old saying, Christmas hasn’t officially begun until you see the Coca-Cola advert on the TV.

With the bright red lights, the distinctive truck and Holidays Are Coming playing in the background, this ad is truly one that captures Christmas.

While it’s been around for years, we never seem to get tired of it and only get more excited when we hear that familiar little boy ringing the bell, nothing beats it.


Another advert that has been around for years and never gets old, the Kellogg’s ad.

Here we see a family of small children leaving out breakfast for Santa in order for him to remember them, and end up falling asleep behind a couch in hopes of catching a glimpse of him.

After hearing a noise, the smallest of the bunch wakes up only to stumble across Santa eating the bowl of Corn Flakes she’d left out for him.

Nothing warms our hearts more than the image of her reaching out and taking a single Corn Flake from the bowl and shushing as to reassure Santa that she’ll keep quiet about it, whispering ‘ho ho ho’ to the man in red.


Like many big supermarket chains, Sainsbury’s always goes all out with their Christmas ads, but it was their 2014 ad that left a real impact.

On the 100 year anniversary of the first world war, Sainsbury’s brought out an advert showing that period of history.

Telling the true story of the ceasefire on Christmas day, the opposing sides halted the fighting and played a game of football, forgetting about the war for a brief moment.

Ending with English soldier Jim and German soldier Otto swapping their treats from home, this Christmas advert never fails to make us smile.



Last but certainly not least, Vodafone released a Christmas advert last year that had the nation talking.

Resonating with so many families, the ad showed a father on video chat with his daughter as he heads off for the annual Christmas swim.

Letting her speak to a few of his friends, he quickly grabs the phone back and pops it into a waterproof bag, before jumping into the freezing cold sea.

Cutting to the daughter who lives abroad and unable to make it back for Christmas, the family keeps the tradition alive even if they’re on other sides of the world.


Guinness adverts are always memorable, whether they’re Christmas themed or not.

Guinness always manages to create adverts that not only have you craving a pint of the black stuff, but something that stays in your mind for a long time.

dublin christmas 1

Their Christmas advert has been around for years, and we love to watch the clock strike midnight on Christmas day and the snow instantly begin to come down.

The shots of a snow-covered Dublin city and the unforgettable “don’t forget to turn the lights off”, Christmas is made when this advert comes on our screens. Not to mention the ending at St. James’ Gate, looking like the perfect pint.

Ellen Fitzpatrick
Ellen Fitzpatrick

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