6 Steps for a Smooth Career Change

Is your regular 9-5 the bane of your existence? Do you find yourself relieved Friday evenings and
dreading Monday mornings? Would you rather sit binge watching re-runs of Riverdale than be at
work? If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, it is high time you quit your job.
Being trapped in a job that you don’t fancy is every bit as debilitating as staying in a toxic
relationship – it can get physically draining and emotionally suffocating. A In this article I will be
providing a few tricks and tips for a successful career change in a drama-free, organized and focused


Scary as it may be, the first step to a successful career change is taking that leap of faith and
letting go of the safety net. In order to move into something that’d satisfy you, it’s crucial to
take that first step and let go. Maybe give your current employer sufficient notice and be
open about why you’d like to leave. Everyone favours honesty and that’d go a long way in
keeping your manager in good books for a reference in the future!


It is always useful to approach your friends and mentors to gain constructive criticism on
your skills, capabilities and areas that require improvement. It is always vital to have distinct,
objective notions as to what skills are going to be in your favour and which ones require
further development. In order to shift from working to forging a career in an area you love it
is always useful to be aware of what your talents and limitations are. This would be
instrumental in making an appropriate choice.


While it is always helpful to take advice from those who know you well, it would also be
beneficial to approach someone to give you objective feedback on your personality traits,
skills that would be useful to hone and those that are transferable. Career coaches can also
be useful in helping you expand your professional network. Career coaches, much like
therapists carefully screen and evaluate your disposition and offer tailor-made instructions
to individuals to suit their needs.


As mentioned in the previous point, in many industries, it is not what you know but who you
know. For instance, when I first landed a job in music journalism, I did through a professional
DJ who got me in touch with a contact who ran an events company. Therefore, it is
important to remember that networking is one of the most essential aspects of job hunting.
It is important to stay informed and approach people in order to acquire as many contacts as
you can. There are also many online portals these days which simplify the process of
networking. One of these forums is LinkedIn, which is probably one of the most popular
professional platforms. However, there are many similar platforms such as Shapr, which
combines properties of both Tinder and LinkedIn in attempt to help people find the perfect


Transferable skills are those that are pertinent and beneficial to multiple sectors and job
roles. For example, every company looks for skills around teamwork, leadership, research
and communication. For example, if you are seeking a career change from academics to
media, you might not have any direct experience in terms of content writing. However, your
transferable skills in research, academic writing and editing would definitely work in your
favour and make you a qualifiable candidate.


Changing careers means augmenting your skillset. It is always useful to take on additional
courses that are attractive in the market. Numerous websites these days offer free online
courses on an array of skills that are in demand. There has been a significant growth in
businesses and technology and this has resulted in a multitude of novel roles. Therefore, it is
always useful to keep yourself up to date with latest developments. In my own personal
experience, a shift from direct sales to content writing and digital marketing required taking
on additional courses in Google Analytics and Facebook Advertising. In addition to my
previous writing experience and Master’s in Literature, these certifications went a long way
in making me employable in the field of marketing.
While a career change could seem like one of the most daunting decisions to anyone at any age, it is
necessary, and most importantly, not an impossible feat to achieve. With a little sprinkle of hustle,
dollop of determination and spoonful of self-belief, you have the perfect formula to create your
dream life with the perfect job!

Sambhavi Sudhakar
Sambhavi Sudhakar

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