All you need is John Lennon

“The Beatles”. Two words that changed the world. Maybe the Internet and drones wouldn’t have been invented without Paul McCartney’s band. Maybe your life would be different. But without a doubt, nobody back then would be interested in buying a lock of John Lennon’s hair for $12,000.


What we know from the Heritage Auctions is that the lock is four inches long and “likely contains hundreds of strands”. It was collected by a German hairdresser named Klaus Baruck while Lennon was preparing to play in the ”How I Won The War” movie. It is also the longest sample of Lennon’s hair ever put up for auction.


Sellers always want to gain as much money as possible. They say that this old Volkswagen has driven only fifteen kilometres from car garage and has been left sitting in the garage for all its time. And what are the owners of Lennon’s hair saying? That the sale is a “rare and important opportunity”. Important? I’ve been perceiving Lennon as a singer, but now I realised that he was the national treasure of Britain which should be made into carpet material for the whole country.


The live auction will be held on February 20th in Dallas. If you are in love with The Beatles, you should stop eating for 3 months and sell the house. Otherwise you won’t be able to buy the other things which will be also be sold this day. They are not so fancy like the lock of hair, but who doesn’t want to have signed photograph of all four members ? Apart from me and 7 million different people ?


Things from the other artists such as Elvis Presley and Led Zeppelin will also be available to buy. That’s great. One day I will also be famous. And if you don’t want to overpay in the future, I have great proposition for you. Just google a picture of John Lennon and sell it for a nice amount.


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