Australia to introduce stricter rules on working visas

The Australian government is going to introduce new rules regarding working visas.

The programme, which allow foreigners work in Australia, is called “programme 457”.  Migrants mostly come from India, China and the UK and mainly work in IT and medical industries and restaurants.

To replace the 457 visa, the government will introduce temporary visas, which may lead to the loss of foreign partners. In that case, the professions and industries in which people may get a job will be limited.

The 457 visa gives people and their families permission to live in Australia legally. It was provided to fill a gap in skilled labours. According to statistic, in 2016, 95,758 people were living on the visa.

If the 457 visa will be replaced, people will be allowed to work in Australia only for 2-4 years. It means, that around 200 jobs and 650 professions will be removed from the list. Additionally, foreigners have to be more proficient in English, to be subject to market testing and will have to undergo a criminal check.

On the temporary visa, there will be no opportunity to gain permanent residency. Furthermore, on the temporary visa, work will be mostly granted in the fast food industry.


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