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Alison is a college student and writer passionate about the environment, fashion, animals and coffee.


Plant Power: Are plants the real medicine we need?

By Alison Law / March 16, 2021

Our knowledge of the world progresses like never before, with new inventions everyday. We human beings have mastered chemistry and biology, excelling in our knowledge and understanding of the body. It’s phenomenal to see what humans have discovered, understood, and advanced in time. But has this technological advancement put us out of touch with nature […]


Top 10 feel-good Oasis Songs

By Alison Law / March 14, 2021

As we are all going through challenging times together during the lockdown, it is important to surround ourselves with positive words and affirmations. Music is a powerhouse and is comforting beyond words. Oasis’s music is full of life mottos and statements that allow you to see the brighter side of things.   Whatever From the […]


Daily Habits that will change your life

By Alison Law / March 12, 2021

Society today is pressured into a work cycle that is draining on the human mind, body, and soul. Self-care is seen as lighting a candle for yourself, putting on a facemask and having a glass of wine. As great and enjoyable as this is, it’s a short term practice that allows you to feel good […]


Vegan substitutes that will make your plant-based journey easier

By Alison Law / March 9, 2021

In today’s world, we are positively influenced by each other to make changes. This can be something simple like oat milk in our coffee, the vegan choice; or scrutinising brands to ensure that they haven’t been tested on animals. Little tweaks like these are more beneficial than we think and allow us to make good […]


Is new music from Jesy Nelson on the Horizon?

By Alison Law / March 8, 2021

Jesy Nelson announced she was leaving the English Girl band, Little Mix, in December of 2020. After nine years together, Jesy decided it was her time to leave the iconic girl group. It was evident that this decision was made by Jesy, as the three other girls Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade, are not prepared for […]


The Phenomenon of SuperMeat

By Alison Law / March 4, 2021

Companies around the world have found a way of producing meat by the culture of the animal’s cells. Could this spread worldwide and become a sustainable meat substitute? What is SuperMeat?   SuperMeat was founded in 2015 by an Israeli company that strived to create cultured chicken made from the cell tissue of this animal. […]


Climate Today: Why we should be concerned

By Alison Law / March 1, 2021

The climate today is in critical condition. We ask ourselves how soon will we see the effects of climate change and when will they take place? Today, we already see the consequences that the Earth has to face due to the change in our climate’s temperature. We see patterns that are caused by human activity: […]


The Power of Eckhart Tolle’s Books

By Alison Law / February 26, 2021

Eckhart Tolle is an influential spiritual teacher and author of life-changing books, such as The Power of Now and A New Earth. Eckhart Tolle’s teachings allow us to evaluate our own lives and grow through his words as they make us acknowledge and question what is important. Not only does his instructions give us the […]


The Villainisation of Female Celebrities

By Alison Law / February 24, 2021

Female celebrities have faced uncalled abuse, misogyny, and belittling by the press. So much that for years, numerous people have negative perceptions of these women. These perceptions were built off what they saw on a headline. Society’s obsession with celebrities and their downfalls is colossal. As we see today, these headlines were vicious patterns used […]


The Practice of Tarot Card Reading

By Alison Law / February 22, 2021

The reading of Tarot Cards is a beautiful practice that has been around for almost a thousand years. Have you ever been curious about these cards or iffy on whether you should buy a deck? There are many people who are interested in the practice that are unsure of where to start or if they […]

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