Is new music from Jesy Nelson on the Horizon?

Jesy Nelson announced she was leaving the English Girl band, Little Mix, in December of 2020. After nine years together, Jesy decided it was her time to leave the iconic girl group. It was evident that this decision was made by Jesy, as the three other girls Leigh-Anne, Perrie and Jade, are not prepared for their journey with Little Mix to be over. They announced Jesy’s departure on Instagram, coming to everyone’s surprise, yet the post was followed with mass amounts of love and support Jesy deserves. The post received 2.3 million likes and 66.9K supporting comments.

With facing many complications and hardships throughout the years, Jesy knew it was the right decision for her and her mental health to leave the band. Jesy has dealt with a series of issues with online trolls and harsh press. From her solo documentary ‘Odd One Out’, she openly speaks about the horrors from the hate she has dealt with throughout the years that have severely affected her mental health. Jesy experienced herself being outed by the media, making her experience as part of Little Mix extremely difficult.



Jesy has spoken in an interview with Glamour Magazine UK  about her struggles with eating and body image due to the amount of hate she had received whilst being a member of Little Mix. She spoke about “the dark side of the internet” and the consequences words have. She stated that she was ‘addicted’ to social media and could not stop staring at the comments coming in daily. Her mindset was that if she kept seeing the words repeatedly, she would get used to it, but no one should be used to something they should not be receiving in the first place. It is hurtful to hear that Jesy was in this position; it speaks significantly on the work that needs to be done to banish hate in this industry.


Her documentary has allowed people to realise it is okay to seek help and speak to someone if they are struggling. Jesy has inspired millions by reassuring them that there is ‘A light at the end of the tunnel’ for everyone and happiness is only one call away. 


From a young age, Jesy knew that all she wanted to do in life was to perform; it was all she ever dreamed of. It is beyond disheartening to hear Jesy speak about her experience of X-Factor, expecting it to be one of the best moments of her life, to one of the worst. She blames social media for her negative encounter with X-Factor. As she spoke about her presence on social media and the expectancy X Factor had created for the girls, this is where she began to witness the comments about her appearance.


By sharing her experience with social media’s toxicity, she created a significant amount of awareness for online bullying. Jesy stated this as “A time of my life that I will never get back.”


In the past few weeks, Jesy has started posting more on her Instagram and even snapping shots of herself in the recording studio. Much to our surprise, however, it couldn’t get any better to hear from Jesy. The potential of getting new music from Jesy is exciting. Although we will miss Little Mix together as a four-piece, it is delightful to see Jesy shine on her own and getting the opportunity to start her own new solo career. 



On February 26th, Jesy posted an Instagram post of her in the studio with producer/songwriter ‘Sunny’ and producer ‘Patrick Jordan Patrikios’, captioning her post ‘My Happy Place’. Following that, Jesy had posted another snap of the three in the studio five days later. It couldn’t be more obvious that we are getting new music from miss Jesy Nelson.

Jesy’s solo career seems to be one she has sought out and dreamt about for a while now. She speaks in the interview mentioned above from Glamour Magazine UK about how she would not have dealt with as much hate if she was not in a group with other girls. As it leads to a lot of comparisons. Jesy guesses, “If I was to be a solo artist, it would not have been as bad.”


It is evident that Jesy has struggled for years being in Little Mix as it effected her personally. Perhaps a solo career is the next step in the right direction for Jesy as it gives her the opportunity to do what she loves and to get a breath of fresh air.


I have no doubt that once Jesy releases her solo music, the girls from Little Mix will be the most supportive. Jesy will certainly do amazing in her solo career. It is exciting to see what style of music she will come out with as a solo artist and if she will tour too!

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