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Jacqueline Russe

Jacqueline is a German journalist and editor for Babylon Radio who likes comics, manga and video games. She is a state-certified translator for both English and German, currently working on her Bachelor's in Technical Translation.

Top 5 events for 23 January 2020

priscilla du preez W3SEyZODn8U unsplash

Dublin always has something interesting to offer. Be it food, music, or other entertainment, there will be something for everyone to enjoy! Here are our Top 5 events for 23 January! The Midnight Disco with Donna Leake The first Midnight…

See the colours: Art Galleries in Ireland

laura adai ya4B273wYpE unsplash

Are you interested in visual arts? Visit these beautiful art galleries in Ireland! Ireland has always been a country of the visual arts. Being an isolated country, it developed its own art styles during the early years of the Christianisation…