The Ghost of the Shelbourne Hotel

By Jenny Bui / April 7, 2017

Usually, it’s old castles, abandoned mansions or former hospitals for the mentally ill that are haunted by ghosts and spirits. Dublin is home to a number of places that are said to be haunted by otherworldly spirits. Visit the Gravedigger’s and look out for a gentleman in Tweeds who suddenly disappears or any of the other haunted pubs that have spooky stories. If you are brave enough, try spending a night at the Shelbourne Hotel, famous for its mischievous ghost who wanders around in one of the luxury rooms and turns taps on and off at random.

The five – star – hotel in the city centre of Dublin is particularly popular amongst tourists from the US ever since actress Lily Collins, daughter of musician Phil Collins reported to have felt the presence of a ghost in the room she was staying in.

She stayed in the hotel when she was filming the movie ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ and claimed that she had felt the presence of a giggling ghost.

Hotel staff confirmed that paranormal activity has been observed in this one particular room and said that at one point, over a six – months, period guests were running out of the room screaming convinced that there was a ghost turning on sink, bath taps and showers. Due to repeated incidents, a hotel staff member was ordered to spend a night in the allegedly haunted room to confirm if there was poltergeist activity. He clearly appeared shaken when he emerged from the room after having witnessed taps turning on by themselves as reported by the guests. Other members of staff reported to have sensed another otherworldly being in their presence when walking down the corridors late at night. Some said they had seen shadows but that guests have had worse experiences. One guest reported to have seen a girl open and close a wardrobe.

It is believed that the spirit that haunts the hotel is 7-year old Mary Masters who died of Cholera in 1791.

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