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Hey, It's Juliane. I'm from the north of Germany where I study culture, language, and media. At the moment I'm working as an editor with Babylon Radio.


Top 3 Events for March 15th

By Juliane Girl / March 15, 2019

Culture Vultures with Iarla Ó Lionáird and Steve Cooney Culture Vultures is delighted to announce its return to The Sound House as part of this year’s St. Patrick’s Festival Ireland, on March 15th. This exciting edition of Culture Vultures, hosted by pop culture critic/writer Tony Clayton-Lea, promises to captivate minds with music from two-time Grammy-nominee […]


Top 3 Events for March 14th

By Juliane Girl / March 14, 2019

Standing, Sitting, Lying Down: St Patrick’s Festival Standing, sitting, lying down is a unique immersive audiovisual performance presented by EKE, Homebeat & Note Productions as part of St. Patrick’s Festival Ireland 2019. Over two nights, four contemporary composers will perform their work on a multi-speaker sound system encompassing the audience in the unique and intimate […]


Irish Myths: Oisín and Tír na nÓg

By Juliane Girl / March 13, 2019

Ireland is known for its rich heritage of mythological tales and ancient symbols. In Irish mythology, tales are usually put into four periods. The first one is called the Mythological Cycle that mainly comprises pre-Christian stories of the god-like early settlers of Ireland, the Tuatha Dé Danann. The second, the Ulster Cycle, focuses on heroic […]


Top 3 Events for March 13th

By Juliane Girl / March 13, 2019

A Conversation Salon at Third Space Smithfield Conversation Salons are all about getting people away from their phones and screens, having real face-to-face conversations with people in your community, moving away from chit chat and getting to talk about things you really care about, all about human connection and welcoming in all types of people […]


Top 3 Events for March 12th

By Juliane Girl / March 12, 2019

Blue Raincoat Theatre Company present Alice in Wonderland This literary tale enthrals and engages as we follow Alice’s fall down the rabbit hole into a world full of fantastical people, and strange and unpredictable events where her adventures are at once ridiculous and profound. Alice in Wonderland, Blue Raincoat style, promises to be a visually […]


Top 3 Events for March 11th

By Juliane Girl / March 11, 2019

Kehoe’s Comedy Corner – Emma Doran Headlined by the wonderful Emma Doran, one of the best club comedians in Dublin and soon to be taking part in Paddy’s Night in support of Comic Relief at the Three Arena Dublin. Emma has a fantastic dry wit and is always a delight. There’s a heap of the […]


Top 5 Events for the Weekend

By Juliane Girl / March 9, 2019

National Homeless & Housing Coalition Dublin Demonstration Following on from the huge success of the 3 demonstrations that took place in 2018 the National Homeless and Housing Coalition, of which ICHH are a proud member, have called a Dublin Demonstration. The coalition is supported by community groups, charities, NGO’s, student unions, political parties, trade unions, […]


Top 3 Events for March 8th

By Juliane Girl / March 8, 2019

Forró do Three – Banda Namangaia Ao Vivo + Dj Heron Come over to the Three Spirits Bar to enjoy a night of Forró. At 8:30pm DJ Heron opens the night with some danceable tunes to warm you up for headliner band Namangaia. Expect to move your feet and hips to the beat of Brazilian […]


Top 3 Events for March 7th

By Juliane Girl / March 7, 2019

Eatyard is Reopening Eatyard is Dublin’s permanent street food market. In November of 2016, Eatyard opened up a semi-permanent food market next to The Bernard Shaw in Portobello. Since then they’ve welcomed some tasty trucks and stalls through the gates including vendors like Vish Shop, Kale and Coco, Wing It and Box Burger. Today, the […]


Virtual Influencers become a thing on Instagram

By Juliane Girl / March 6, 2019

Our daily lives are gradually shifting into the digital sphere. Leaving behind the mortal world, we socialize on the internet, make friends on the internet, fall in love on the internet, and spend our pastime on the internet. Nowadays, It’s the Instagram influencers that set trends, telling thousands of followers how to live this or […]

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