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Parasite: keywords in the movie Koreans can understand!

By Mia Kim / February 25, 2020

Parasite review: The keywords in the movie that Koreans can understand! The world’s attention has been focused on the Oscar-winning Parasite, a Korean black comedy that is a tumultuous encounter between the poor Kim family and a poor family who live in luxury. What is noteworthy about this film is a contemporary Korean film, therefore, […]


What’s on for Chinese New year in Dublin?

By Mia Kim / January 15, 2020

How are your New Year’s resolutions going so far? Have you already given up already? If you have, don’t be disappointed with yourself, because there is another new year waiting just around the corner. The Chinese New Year is only two weeks away!  Many countries in the western world use the Gregorian calendar, the first […]


The 8 tips to make your Christmas shine in Dublin

By Mia Kim / December 14, 2019

The 8 tips to make your Christmas shine in Dublin if you are away from home. It’s getting closer to the most wonderful time of the year – but for many of us, we are thousands of miles away from home. It definitely feels different to spend Christmas away from family as an ex-pat, but […]


The fortune tellers in Dublin

By Mia Kim / December 5, 2019

The fortune tellers in Dublin   There are so many things in the world that cannot be explained. For centuries, fortune tellers have been helping people solve problems by providing answers to things they want to know. A fortune teller not only talks about money, but also about luck or business, and even love. They […]


The Best Places for Sushi in Dublin

By Mia Kim / November 28, 2019

Oishi Sushi! You might either love it or hate it. But if you have ever tried it, you would agree that Sushi is one of the inevitable attractive dishes in the world. Healthy, delicious Sushi! No doubt this is much more than fish and rice. Could you imagine the harmony of rice and fish melting […]


Must-try Korean restaurants in Dublin

By Mia Kim / November 11, 2019

Must-try Korean restaurants in Dublin What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of South Korea?  Samsung, BTS, Baby shark and Korean cuisine are probably things that come up first. In these days many people are interested in South Korea in many different ways, unlike in the past when […]


Free English classes in Dublin

By Mia Kim / November 5, 2019

Free English Classes in Dublin Have you just moved to Ireland and are looking for a job? Are you worried about the English class cost? Don’t worry! There are always many different ways to learn English in Ireland. Here is our article about English learning classes that are free or low cost, ran by volunteers […]