Free English classes in Dublin

Free English Classes in Dublin

Have you just moved to Ireland and are looking for a job? Are you worried about the English class cost? Don’t worry! There are always many different ways to learn English in Ireland. Here is our article about English learning classes that are free or low cost, ran by volunteers and professional teachers. It would help you to achieve your new life in Ireland.

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Abbey Street Methodist Church

The Abbey Street Methodist Church is a Methodist Church located on Abbey Street in Dublin’s north inner city.

Fee: €1~2
For who: Beginner and intermediate levels.
Where: Abbey St. Methodist Church 9C Lower Abbey St. Dublin 1
Tel: 01-874-4668 

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Dublin Adult Learning Centre

The Dublin Adult Learning Centre is a dedicated Basic Adult Education Centre. It provides to speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) a programme for those who are learning English with a little or no education in their own language. 

For who:  Adults who have a little or no formal education in their own language. 
Where: 3 Mountjoy Sq Dublin 1 
Tel: 01-874-3251 

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CDETB Parnell Adult Learning Centre

The CDETB Adult Learning Centre provides education and training programmes to young people and adults.

For who: Refugees and asylum seekers, students in receipt of social welfare Payment, Medical Card Holders, students on low income and living in Dublin 1,3,7 and 9. This service is available at beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate levels.
Where: 1 Parnell Square, Dublin 1
Tel: 01-874-6607

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Dublin City Intercultural Language Centre (Dublin City Council Social Inclusion Unit)

The Dublin City Intercultural Language Centre helps migrants to survive and thrive in Ireland. It provides English language classes and social training for those without proper access to their social networks in Ireland. 

For who: Refugees and asylum seekers, students in receipt of social welfare, jobseekers, low-income workers and longer-term residents in Ireland. This service is available at beginner and intermediate levels.
Where: Ballybough Community Centre 49 Ballybough Rd, Dublin 3
Tel: 089-429-7580 ( 9am – 2pm)

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Columban Centre 

The Columban Centre Dublin is a collaborative project for the Columban Missionaries in Ireland between the Columban Fathers, Columban Sisters and lay workers and provides English Classes for migrants who have come to Ireland looking for work and starting new lives.

For who: Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.
Where: 13 Store Street, Mountjoy, Dublin 1
Tel: 01-894-2078

OConnell Secondary School

O’Connell Secondary School

The O’Connell Secondary School is a secondary and a primary school for boys. It provides English language classes for adults during the school year.  

Fee: €2
For who: Adults at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.
When: Tuesday and Thursdays evenings.  
Where: O’Connell Secondary School North Richmond Street, Dublin 1.
Tel: 086-385-6268 (Teacher Michael Kilbride)

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Hill Street Family Resource Centre

The Hill Street Family Resource Centre is a multi-cultural Centre for families and children based in Dublin’s North East Inner City. It provides groups, training programmes, parent & child groups, counselling service.

Fee: €2
For who: Those wanting to learn how to speak English in a small group.
When: Tuesday mornings. (registration must be completed first)
Where: Hill Street Family Resource Centre Hill Street Playground Hill Street, Dublin 1
Tel: 01-874-6810

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Spirasi (Spiritan Asylum Services Initiative) 

The Spirasi is an Irish organisation that provides rehabilitation services for victims & survivors of torture.

For who: Refugees and asylum seekers.
Where: The Lantern Intercultural Centre, 15 Synge Street, Dublin 8.
Tel: 01-838-9664

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Macro Community Resource Centre

The Macro Community Resource Centre is a non-profit-making facility which provides office and activity space to the community and voluntary organisations.

For who: Adults at beginner and intermediate level.
When: Friday mornings
Where: 1 Green Street (Off North King St.) Dublin 7
Tel: 01-873-7009

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Crosscare the Wellington Centre

The Crosscare is the social care agency of the Dublin Archdiocese providing the programmes to meet new and emerging needs for those affected by homelessness, the needs of young people, and the development of community-driven services.

For who: Beginners to pre-intermediate.
Where: 26 Upper Wellington Street, Dublin 7.
Tel: 086-770-4630

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Cabra Community College

The Cabra Community College is a college of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board and Training that provides a variety of education for adult students. 

For who: Beginners to pre-intermediates, QQI Level 3 and QQI Level 4.
Where: Kilkieran Road, Dublin 7
Tel: 087-217-2772

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CDETB Adult Education Service

The CDETB Adult Education Services is a service providing education and training programmes that meet the needs of different learners. 

For who: Refugees and asylum seekers, students in receipt of social welfare payment, medical cardholders and low-income students. Beginners to pre-intermediate.
Where: 1 Parnell Square East, Dublin 1
Tel: 087-377-9270

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The Lantern Intercultural Centre

The Lantern Intercultural Center is a charitable community established to welcome immigrants and promote the emergence of a multicultural society.

For who: At Beginner to Pre-Intermediate
When: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday from 10.30 to 12.30.
Where: 15 Synge St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 8
Tel: 087-293-1754

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1 English (The Digital Hub)

The 1 English is a program run by One Humanitarian Hub (an initiative of the One Foundation) and delivered in partnership with The Digital Hub which is an enterprise cluster for growing technology companies. It provides EU citizens and non-EU asylum seekers and refugees with English classes to develop for their work and study.

For who: Employed & Unemployed, EU Citizens & Non-EU Asylum Seekers. ESOL and Cambridge Exam preparations. Intermediate to Advanced. 
When: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am to 1 pm.
Where: Thomas Street, Dublin 8.
Tel: 087-741-4530

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Warrenmount CED Centre

The Warrenmount CED Centre is a local community which provides classes and programmes in a wide range of different areas to adults who are living in Ireland.  

For who: Adults who live in Ireland. 
Where: 15-17 Mill Street, Dublin 8
Tel: 01-454-2622

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Dublin 8 Community Education Centre

The Dublin 8 Community Education Centre is a charitable community which provides a second-chance education to adults in the community by suitably qualified members of the community.

For who: Elementary to Intermediate. 
Where: 17 Synge Street, Dublin 8
Tel: 01-405-4906

Failte IsteachFáilte Isteach

The Fáilte Isteach is a community project involving predominantly older volunteers welcoming migrants through conversational English classes.  

For who: People who are willing to take the conversation English Classes.
Where: Various locations.

Please note: These classes details could change anytime in each centre. You should check each centre in advance before visiting.

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