Irish band Omonoko releases addictive single “Weight in Gold”

Omonoko is an Irish four-piece band which can’t be tied to one specific genre. From indie to electro to rock, the Newry-based group was formed a little over 3 years ago when all the members were living in different parts of the world. Nevertheless, that was no problem at all for the artists to manage, write and record 3 Ep’s. They are now all back in their hometown and are getting ready to make a big impact on the Irish music scene in 2021. Weight in Gold is just the beginning of their journey – do you want to know more about it?

It’s natural for a band to wonder where they fit in musically and thus limit themselves to play by a certain set of rules. What a pity, since the palette available to a musical artist is broader and more brilliant than a rainbow. Omonoko is a band that has learned to mix the colours. They delight in doing things their own way and that delight is wonderfully contagious. 

For fans of Alt-J, The Whitest Boys Alive, Maribou State, Bonobo, Kakkmaddafakka and Milky Chance, their new single will be added to your ‘chilling’ playlist in a second.

Weight in Gold

Weight in Gold Cover Art

Thanks to their experiences living all around Europe, Omonoko have brought fresh experimentation and a rich melting pot of influences and experiences together creating a pure and stunning result. This band definitely deserves its own genre!

Their new single Weight In Gold incorporates an addictive bass line, simple but effective electronic sounds, hooky guitar lines and falsetto vocals that deliver a chilled, yet uplifting track. Lyrically, the song focuses on an individual’s need to have a break from the outside world, to re-establish a connection with themselves, and to focus on what their next move in life will be.


Recorded by themselves using their own recording equipment and produced by the artist Cian Sweeney (1000 Beats), the track is an exotic and dreamy exploration inwards. It moves from washed out minimal moments to an infectious chorus refrain that gets further and further embedded under the skin as the track escalates. 

Thus, the new four-piece Omonoko are fast becoming one of Ireland’s most exciting new music exports, with a rare timeless quality to their music that eschews genre and categorisation. Omonoko are carving out an intriguing and interesting career for themselves. It shouldn’t be long before the band are no longer Ireland’s best kept secret and are on their way to world domination in a similar lane to artists like Alt-J, Maribou State and Milky Chance.

Omonoko successful facts

  • Omonoko have been streamed over 3,000,000 times on Music Licensing website Jamendo. 
  • In 2019, the track Empty Streets was selected as the music for BBC 2 Sports highlight of the Six Nations Rugby. 
  • The band have been lucky to have over 3000 Shazams over the last year for tracks Empty Streets, Animals and Wild Heart. 
  • Omonoko are also the recent winners of Cord Blossom’s kickstart 2019.

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