Best Events on Tuesday 23 May in Dublin

Dublin is known to be a vibrant and festive city! If you are in Dublin and want to go out tonight, here is a list of 5 events planned in Dublin tonight. Enjoy reading!


1. Osees 

Osees is an American rock band founded in 1997 in San Francisco by John Dwyer. The music group consists of 5 members : John Dwyer, Tim Hellman, Dan Rincon, Paul Quattrone and Tomas Dolas. It combines elements of garage rock, psychedelic rock, punk, and experimental genres, creating a distinctive and captivating sound. The band performs tonight in Dublin at the button factory, get your ticket! 

– Price: €30

– Doors open: 7:30 pm

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– Venue: The Button Factory, Curved Street, Dublin 2

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2. Alexz Johnson 

Born in 1986, in British Columbia, Canada, Alexz Johnson is a singer, song-writer and actress. Her sound incorporates elements of pop, rock, and folk. Alexz has released several albums such as “Voodoo”, “A Stranger Time” or even “Skipping Stone”. The good news is that Alexz Johnson performs tonight in Dublin at Whelans, get your ticket! 

– Price: €21.50

– Doors open: 7 pm

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– Venue: Whelan’s, 25 Wexford St, Portobello, Dublin 2

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Nightclub Events 

1. Dicey’s Garden 

Dicey’s Garden is also located in Harcourt Street. Consisting of several rooms with different music styles, this club is really nice! There are many students from all over the world, it is easy to meet new people. So if you are a student in Dublin, this club is probably one of the best options for you! Tonight there is an event with mixed music and cheap drinks, get your ticket! 

– Price: €6.14

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– Hours: 4 pm – 2:30 am

– Venue: Dicey’s Garden Club, 21-25 Harcourt St, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

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2. Electronight

Fibber Magees is a nice live music bar in Dublin 1, perfect for enjoying time with friends. Tonight is Electronight, on the programme: EDM, Techno, Tech House and Psytrance. There will be DJs such as DJ Belo, Algorithmix, Izonis and DJ Fabio. If you like electronic music don’t hesitate to go there! Get your ticket for a great evening! 

– Price: from €6.19

– Hours: 9:30 pm – 2:30 am

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– Venue: Fibber Magees, 80-81 Parnell Street, Dublin 1

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Free Events

1. BlaBla Language Exchange – Dublin 

Are you an expat in Dublin and you want to meet people? This event is a good plan! It happens every week at the O’Neills Pub & Kitchen and allows you to make new friends from all over the world! The pub is very friendly with a good atmosphere and of course the event is free. Here is all the info: 

– Price: free

– Hours: 7:30 pm – 10pm

– Venue: O’Neills Pub & Kitchen, 2 Suffolk St, Dublin 2

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Chloe Dubois
Chloe Dubois

Chloë is an international student from France. She is studying at French Business School and working for Babylon Radio as a Community Manager. Her hobbies are travelling and discovering new cultures, listening to music and playing sport.

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