The Best Irish Souvenirs to Bring Home: A Guide to What and Where to Buy

In a small country renowned for its rich culture in music, dance, poetry, writing, craftsmanship, and many more, there are more possibilities for Irish souvenirs to bring back home with you than just your typical magnets. Having a vibrant culture makes it hard to decide what Irish souvenirs to buy. Here is an article for you, bringing some of the classiest and easiest-to-carry ideas for Irish souvenirs that you might end up buying while going back home. 

Here is a list of Irish souvenirs: what you can buy and where you can find them:

Irish souvenirs as things to wear: 

  1. Claddagh Ring 
image 13

One of the most popular Irish souvenirs is the Claddagh ring, which can be found anywhere in gold or silver. These classic Claddagh rings, which feature a crowned heart encircled by two hearts, stand for romantic openness. Wear the ring with the heart facing away from your body on your right hand to indicate that you are single, the heart facing inward on your right hand to indicate that you are in a relationship, and the heart facing outward on your left hand to indicate that you are engaged.

Last but not least, if you’re married, you should wear the ring as a wedding band on your left hand with the heart facing in. Local designs incorporate spirals, braids, and knots as well as traditional Irish religious symbols like Celtic crosses. Now, prices may vary according to style, designer, and size. But one thing to say is that it will be a meaningful purchase. 

Where to find them: 

Fields Jewelers   : Address: 30 Henry St. Dublin 1

Weir and Sons   :Address: 96-99 Grafton Street, Dublin 1

Rocks Jewelers   :Address: 73 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

  1. Connemara Marble 
image 15

Connemara marble is a striking green marbled stone that is admired for its use in interior design and ornamentation. It is mined in the western section of the nation, in the county of Galway. To best display the stone’s inherent beauty, artisans like J. C. Walsh and Sons mine the granite from natural outcrops and carve and polish it. Both Kensington Palace in the United Kingdom and Trinity College Dublin’s hallways are decorated with Connemara marble. Additionally, it is used to make lovely pendants, rosary beads, and other pieces of jewelry. 

Every piece is distinctive due to its mottled appearance, and the stone’s green color makes it a suitable choice for the Irish island. If you happen to be passing through the Connemara region, a little piece of the stunning and typically green Connemara marble would be one of the most stylish Irish souvenirs!

Where to find them:

Lapis Jewelers  : Address: 17 Nassau Street, Dublin 2

McEvoys Irish Gifts : Address: 106 Talbot Street 

Kilkenny Shop  : Address: 15 Nassau Street, Dublin 2

  1. Knitwear 
image 11

As a country that experiences cold and wind most of the time during the year, they have a really nice collection of knitwear that you can buy as an Irish souvenir. One of the best is the Aran wool sweater. These are one of the most iconic and beautiful sweaters you can grab. The Aran Islands, close to the Cliffs of Moher, are where the craft was originally created, but even if you can’t get to the islands, you can still find sweaters for sale all around Ireland.

Traditional thick Aran sweaters are frequently depicted on Irish postcards and photo albums, but more delicate patterns have recently gained popularity for both winter wear and layering in the fall and spring. Lightweight, year-round shawls, scarves, and sweaters are made by local designers using the wool of local sheep and more exotic yarns from llamas, alpacas, and goats.

But if you feel a sweater is too much, you can certainly go for hats, scarves, and gloves. 

Where to find them:

Trinity Sweaters  : Address: 27 Nassau Street, Dublin 2

Kilkenny Shop  : Address: 6-15 Nassau Street, Dublin 2

  1. Donegal Tweed 
Donegal Tweed

Originating from the county of Donegal in Ireland, Donegal tweed is a type of handwoven woolen fabric known for its distinctive speckled appearance, which naturally comes from the different colored yarns used. Because it is a warm fabric and is durable, this is a classic Irish souvenir showcasing the country’s textile craftsmanship. 

Where to find them:

Triona Donegal Tweed Centre   :Address: Ardara, Donegal 

The Donegal Shop  : Address: 201 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2

Weavers of Ireland  : Address: 8 Westmoreland St., Temple Bar, Dublin 2 

Celtic Tweed  : Address: 28 South Anne’s Ln, Dublin 2 

Irish Souvenirs as Home Decor and Collectibles:

  1. Waterford Crystal 
image 12

Did you know that the shamrocks presented to the US president on St. Patrick’s Day are traditionally placed in a bowl that is made from Irish crystal? Additionally, Waterford Crystal  designed the AFCA National Championship Trophy, the People’s Choice Awards, and the Formula One German Grand Prix Trophies thanks to its excellent flint glass of the highest quality.  

This Irish souvenir is one of the best souvenirs from Ireland because of its exquisitely intricate design, which has deep cuts and incredibly exact designs across the crystal, utilizing age-old traditions passed down from generation to generation. You can head for the tour of the Waterford Crystal Factory, which is situated in the beautiful town of Waterford, but whether or not you visit the place, a stunning piece of Waterford crystal should definitely be on your list of Irish souvenirs to buy. 

Where to find them: 

Arnotts  : Address: 12 Henry Street, Dublin 1 

House of Ireland : Address: 27 Leeson Street Lower, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2 

  1. Newbridge Silverware 
image 17

Cutlery production was the origin of County Kildare-based Newbridge Silverware, which is now situated near Dublin. They now manufacture jewelry, cutlery, and a variety of gift items. You can buy yourself a variety of gifts, including candle holders and napkin rings, as well as traditional Christmas and anniversary presents, keychains, mementos, handcrafted fine jewelry, and other gift items. If you want to buy something that is worth the price and also portrays Irish elegance, buy a piece of Newbridge silverware as an Irish souvenir for your home. 

Where to find them:

Arnotts  : Address: 12 Henry Street, Dublin 1 

Concepts, Blackrock Shopping Centre : Address: Frascati Road, Blackrock 

  1. Irish Pottery and Ceramics 
image 16

There are more than 300 studio, craft, and hobby potteries in Ireland, in addition to successful commercial potteries like Belleek and Nicholas Pottery. A few heirloom pieces of heavy traditional pottery that have been handed down through the years can be found in many homes. Additionally, more contemporary ceramics and pottery are made for tableware and aesthetic purposes. 

Irish pottery has gifts for all different price ranges, and because there are so many different producers, you can be sure to find something that will match the recipient’s decor and design preferences. The Belleek China beauty is the greatest if you’re looking for something more iconic and expensive, and the Dingle Peninsula in particular has a great assortment. 

Where to find them: 

Arnotts  : Address: 12 Henry Street, Dublin 1

Avoca : Address: 11-13 Suffolk Street 

Kilkenny Shop  : Address: 6-16 Nassau Street 

  1. Teapot + Cups 

Consider purchasing a traditional Irish teapot and cup set if you’re seeking one-of-a-kind and useful Irish souvenirs. You may experience a taste of Ireland from the comfort of your own home, in addition to it being a lovely addition to any kitchen or dining room. The set is a beautiful work of art and a great discussion starter when hosting guests because of the complex Celtic knotwork and other Irish designs on it. 

Additionally, it’s a useful present that suits tea aficionados of all ages and preferences. And even if you didn’t drink much tea before going, it’s easy to fall in love with tea drinking and the allure of a lovely tea set while there. When you drink a cup of tea at home, what better way to recall your vacation than to get out your Irish tea set? 

Where to find them: 

Carrolls Irish Gifts   : Address: 44 Henry St. Dublin 1 

Tipperary Crystal  : Address: 27 Henry St. Dublin 1

Tierney Gift Shop  : Address: The Red Mall, Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin

  1. Irish Linen 

In the past, linen, a product made from flax fibers, was a significant Irish trade good. While it used to be a common fabric in many different types of apparel, today’s labor-intensive manufacturing process turns it into a luxury commodity that is typically only worn on special occasions.

Fine goods are supplied by businesses like Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen, which has been supplying linen for more than 150 years to retail establishments in Ireland and around the globe. The Irish Linen Guild mark is seen on the finest Irish linens, signifying that they were truly woven in Ireland to the highest standard possible rather than being produced abroad and just bleached in Ireland.

Where to find them: 

Kilkenny Shop  : Address: 6 Nassau St., Dublin 2 

Arnotts : Address: 12 Henry Street, Dublin 1 

  1.  Bog Oak Sculptures 
Bog Oak Sculpture1 scaled 1

An ancient oak, yew, and pine forest made up the ancient woodlands that once covered Ireland. The farming practices of the Stone Age nearly destroyed those enormous woods thousands of years ago. The remains of those trees, however, were kept, buried, and undetected for up to 7,000 years in the swamp areas. This “bog oak” is chosen and unearthed by skilled Irish artisans, then cured for at least three years before being molded into the most exquisite forms and patterns. 

No two bog oak sculptures are alike, according to many of these artisans, whose craft they claim requires exceptional precision and talent. These sculptures can be used to adorn your foyer, living room, or yard, as well as your home. Unfortunately, good bog oak sculptures are not inexpensive. But this is a little price to pay for such beautiful, antique art.

Where to find them:

Kilkenny Shop  : Address: 6-15 Nassau Street, Dublin 2 

Jam Art Factory  : Address: 64 Patrick Street 

The Doorway Gallery   : Address: 24 South Frederick Street 

  1. Images of Dublin Doors 
image 18

You’ll notice as you travel Dublin’s streets that its citizens have a beautifully colorful tradition: their lovely Georgian front doors frequently have vibrant colors! The doors are a recognizable representation of Dublin, and whether they are depicted in a painting, a photograph, or even a magnet, they make wonderful Irish keepsakes! You can get to know more about these colorful doors and their history. 

Where to find them: 

Real Ireland 

The Little Museum of Dublin  : Address: 15 St.Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2 

Irish Souvenirs as Foodie stuff and eatables 

  1. Irish Whiskey 
our tour guide daragh

The Irish are proud of their nearby distilleries, given the fact that no one loves stereotypes. The Irish word “uisce beatha,” which means “the water of life,” is the source of the name whiskey. You can choose from a variety of distilleries and form your own opinion; however, after a few rounds, you might forget exactly what you were looking for. There are many varieties available from Irish distillers, including single malt, blended whiskeys, single grain whiskey, and pure pot still whiskey. 

So whether you go for the ever-famous Jameson whiskey or other niche whiskey producers in Ireland, you will definitely get a wide variety of options to choose from to stock up your collection. 

Where to find them:

Celtic Whiskey Shop  : Address: 27-28 Dawson Street Dublin 2 

James Fox Cigar and Whiskey Store  : Address: 119 Grafton Street

Old Jameson Distillery  : Address: Bow Street, Dublin 7 

  1. Chocolates 

What can be the sweetest Irish souvenir you can bring home other than chocolates? Even though Ireland may not be a country that produces a lot of chocolate, there are a few producers there, including Butlers and Lir, that can rival any Swiss or Belgian brand. The manufacturers create chocolates that are not only delicious but also aesthetically pleasing. 

Butlers were started by Ms. Bailey-Butler in the early 20th century on a narrow road in Dublin city, and since then Butlers has had strong ties with the Irish culture. Although it is now a thriving, well-known international company with a wide range of clients, it has never lost sight of its modest roots. You absolutely must try some of Ireland’s truffles, fudge, toffee, and chocolate bars when you are there. And don’t worry, Dublin’s stunning scenery and rich history will more than make up for the extra calories! 

Where to find them:

Butler’s Irish Chocolate 

Address: 18 Nassau Street, Dublin 2 

Address: 6 Chatham Street, Dublin 2

Address: 51 A Grafton Street, Dublin 2 

  1. Irish Cheese 
image 20

Irish agriculture is heavily reliant on the dairy sector, and it is difficult to travel the nation without encountering a large number of dairy cows leisurely munching on grass in the fields. To produce delicious cheeses, local producers make use of the plentiful supply of high-quality milk. Dublin refrigerators will always have cheeses like Dubliner, Coolea, Gumbeen, and Cashel Blue, which are famous for their distinctive flavors and regional workmanship. 

Creating their own artisan cheeses has become a popular strategy among Irish dairy farmers in recent years to boost revenues, but even larger industrial farms make exquisite cheeses. So next time on your trip to Ireland, make sure to grab Irish cheese as an Irish souvenir. 

Where to find them;

Sheridan’s Cheesemongers : Address: 11 South Anne Street, Dublin 2 

Marks & Spencer’s Food Hall   : Address: 15 Grafton Street, 

Fallon & Byrne Food Hall  : Address: 11-17 Exchequer Street 

Irish Souvenirs as fun things 

  1. Shamrock 
accessories connemara marble shamrock scarf ring 1

We all know that the three leaves of a shamrock are said to stand for faith, hope, and love. While the fourth leaf is where the luck is, the four-leafed clover, or “lucky clover,” is an uncommon variation of the three-leafed clover and is widely considered to be a symbol of good luck. 

It is often said that Ireland is home to more four-leaf clovers than any other place, giving meaning to the phrase “the luck of the Irish.” The greatest way to remember the Emerald Isle is to bring home a traditional piece of Irish luck, even if it takes the form of a magnet, a piece of jewelry in the form of a locket, bracelet, ring, or artwork. 

Where to find them: 

The Temple Bar Trading Company  : Address: 43-44 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 

Carrolls Irish Gifts  : Address: 44 Henry Street, Dublin 1, 37 Grafton Street, Dublin 2  

  1. Irish Music 
image 32

Whether you are visiting Ireland for the first time or visiting frequently, you will always fall for the Irish music here. The lively traditional Irish music can be frequently heard on the weekends in neighborhood pubs. Traditional jigs, reels, and folk tunes are just as popular today as contemporary pop and rock from acts like Westlife and U2.

The Furey Brothers and Luke Kelly, two of Ireland’s top folk bands, are from Dublin, and their CDs are just as relevant today as they were when they were first released. In fact, if you find yourself exploring the sites on Talbot or O’Connell Street on the city’s north side, consider taking a quick journey to the neighborhood’s Sheriff Street to view the homes of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately and the legendary Luke Kelly.

Where to find them:

Tower Records  : Address: 6-8 Wicklow Street 

Claddagh Records  : Address: 2 Cecilia Street 

Waltons  : Address: 2 North Frederick Street 

  1.  Postcards 
image 33

Postcards are one of the best inexpensive and typical souvenirs from Ireland since they combine affordability, portability, and personalization with ease.

They frequently flee. 50 to 1 Euro apiece, but if you’re willing to spend an extra couple of Euros on top of that, think about writing out your day’s recollections on a postcard right there, sending it to yourself, and then reliving your memories of Ireland when you get home.

Where to find them:

Carrolls Irish Gifts  : Address: 44 Henry Street, Dublin 1 , 37 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Card Gallery  : Address: 31 Grafton Street, Dublin 2 

 Hallmark Stephen’s Green : Address: Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre, Dublin 2 

  1. Magnets 
image 34

Magnets are the most traditional and typical souvenirs people carry with them while going back home. They are affordable, simple to find, and have a lot of fun options to choose from, so why not? You can select from a variety of options varying from sheep, shamrocks, Guinness-shaped wine openers, Claddagh magnets, Celtic magnets, the ever-famous Leprechaun magnet, or even the typical county or city magnets. 

Where to find them:

The Temple Bar Trading Company   : Address: 43-44 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 

Carrolls Irish Gifts  : Address: 44 Henry Street, Dublin 1 

Seasons of Ireland  : Address: Grafton Buildings, 34 Grafton Street, Dublin 2 

  1. Guinness Memorabilia 
image 36

One of the most popular things to do in Dublin is to take a tour of the Guinness Storehouse. While there, Guinness lovers will have lots of options to purchase souvenirs with Guinness themes, including beer glasses, t-shirts, replicas of vintage signs, and more. Of course, you can still readily locate Guinness memorabilia for sale in Ireland even if you don’t go to the Guinness Storehouse.

Where to find them:

Guinness Retail Store  : Address: St.James Gate, Market St. S, Dublin 8

The Temple Bar Trading Company  : Address: 43-44 Temple Bar, Dublin 2 

  1.  Books about Ireland 
image 37

There is much to admire about exploring bookshops in Ireland, from titles with well-known Irish phrases to obscure memoirs. There are many literary mementos available for bibliophiles in Ireland, and while you can’t go wrong with lovely editions of works by well-known Irish authors like Oscar Wilde and James Joyce, think about also buying a book about local Irish history or culture!

Where to find them:

Dubray Books  : Address: 36 Grafton Street, Dublin 2

Marsh’s Library   : Address: St. Patrick’s Close, Dublin 8 

I hope you enjoy your stay in Ireland and take lots of Irish souvenirs back with you as a memory!

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