Best of The Best vol. II

Usually, we do our everyday things like mowing the grass or divorcing, and don’t care about what a scientist does. But at the same time they observe us without any breaks. The world would probably not exist if they didn’t tell us which nation uses the most air or write the articles called “Best of The Best vol. II” most often.

Here are some more unpopular statistics :

You don’t like these crowded cities without any space ? Even the ants are escaping from your hometown to a country and take mortgages for bigger anthills ? If you said ‘yes’, you should go to Grenland. It has the most land per citizen. And according to EU stats, nobody lives there (Grenland belongs to Denmark so they count their people for Danish population).

I hate this new fashion which tells us that everybody has to be amazing in doing everything. As a reason of that, people who are bad in the orthography don’t say that they are “bad in orthography” but call themselves dysorthographic. I can’t even write my name properly and I don’t have any problem to admit that. That’s also the reason why I want to go to Burkina Faso and feel less exceptional because most analphabets live there.

And our world. it’s not easy. As a journalist I would like to always write only about the interesting things. But our Western Civilisation is really boring, more than less only about politicians talking about who they want to argue with this week. On the other hand, you can always visit Iraq where everyday something new happens. For example most journalists die there each year (145 from 1990 to 2010).

Too much sad stats ? I have another one. Everybody has seen this one from thousands American movies where the main character steps on the rake and gets hit by it. Or just become to look more like Frankenstein after putting their fingers into a socket. Actually, it’s not strange that Hollywood create this movies. The USA is the country where most people die because of home accidents (annually 27 people during mowing a grass, 450 because of falling out of bed.

South Korea is the world leader in a workaholism. They work 2,443 hours a year and it is about 30 per cent more than the European average. Ten hours of work, eight of sleep, two for reaching workplace seems like a dream live, isn’t it ?


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