Body of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall found

Today Copenhagen police declared that a torso found this week in local waters was that of Kim Wall, a Swedish freelance journalist whose disappearance after boarding a Danish inventor’s submarine has shocked many Scandinavians and drawn interest from around the world.

It was a cyclist that while he was on the edge of Amager Island on Monday afternoon, near where the submarine sank on Aug. 11,  came across the torso deprived of its head, arms and legs and alerted the police. The autopsy began that night and finally it was revealed that DNA from the trunk fitted that from Ms Wall’s hairbrush and toothbrush.  

At first Danish inventor Peter Madsen told investigators that he and Mr Wall were on his self-designed submarine on the evening of August 10 for an article Ms. Wall was working on and that he had dropped her off alive later that night in the port of Copenhagen.  Afterwards the man, changing this statement, told the court she had died in an accident and that he “buried” her at sea. Now he is accused of involuntary manslaughter, although he claims himself as innocent.

“It is with boundless sadness and shock that we received news that the remains of our daughter and sister Kim Wall have been found. We cannot yet grasp the extent of this catastrophe and there are many questions that must be answered”, Ms. Wall’s mother, Ingrid Wall, wrote on Facebook today. The case is still open.  


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