Bono Becomes First Man In Woman Of The Year Awards

Bono has broken new ground in becoming the first man to be honoured by Glamour magazine in their annual Women of the Year awards.

The magazine has decided that this year’s awards will include a male winner as well, as acknowledgement of the work done to better the lives and rights of women around the world.

In this respect, Bono has outdone himself in recent years. The 56 year old U2 star was apparently unsatisfied with merely co-founding the ‘ONE’ campaign in 2004, whose push for life-saving health initiatives in the poorest parts of the world have raised at least US$37.5 billion to date to fight diseases such as AIDS, TB and Malaria in poverty-stricken parts of the globe.

More recently, he has begun the ‘Poverty is Sexist’ campaign, which aims to raise global awareness of how gender inequality affects the poorest women and girls in the world; those who survive on less than US$2 a day.

The campaign has compiled data on the gross difference between gender in the world’s poorest areas; for example, 74% of all new HIV cases amongst adolescents in Africa occur in girls.

This data has moved world leaders to pledge significant amounts of money towards changing gender equality in the places where the effects are felt the hardest. Already, an additional US$13 has been raised to protect millions of women and babies from disease and hunger.

Glamour’s editor-in-chief said in a statement to the Press Association: “We’ve talked for years about whether to honour a man at Women of the Year… you know, men get a lot of awards and aren’t exactly hurting in the celebration and honours department.

“But it started to seem that that might be an outdated way of looking at things, and there are so many men who really are doing wonderful things for women these days. Some men get it and Bono is one of those guys.”

Bono will attend a ceremony in Los Angeles on 14th November along with fellow nominees Miuccia Prada, IMF chief Christine Lagarde, body activist Ashley Graham, Black Lives Matter activists Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi, and Nadia Murad, who survived kidnap by Islamic State.


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