Remembering Louis Stewart – Tribute Concert

Fans gather at JJ Smyths to remember Jazz guitarist Louis Stewart

Last night Jazz fans from across Dublin migrated to the regular Jazz and Blues venue JJ Smyths. Music lovers arrived to enjoy some of their Jazz favorites and also pay tribute to the late Louis Stewart who was a regular performer at JJ’s.

JJ Smyth’s wanted to celebrate Louis for his years of performance and did so by opening the first and second floor of the venue to invite great Jazz musicians to perform a free event. There was a huge turnout for the concert with both the upstairs and downstairs packed with people shoulder to shoulder, bobbing their heads to the Jazz rhythms and melodies.

The night featured performances from Jim Doherty, Dave Flemming, Richie Buckley, and Chris and Ronnie Gilford who performed an original tune of Stewart’s in the styles of John Coltrane and Charlie Parker called Trainsmission. A short speech was made before the tune stating that it was Louis’ dedication to John Coltrane. When the music was done musicians were invited on stage to get a chance to pay their respects to Stewart

Louis Stewart was an Irish Jazz guitarist. Born in Waterford, Stewart began his musical career playing in showbands in and around Dublin. In 1968 he performed at the Montreux International Jazz Festival and received the Outstanding European Soloist award. By the 1970’s Louis was recording on his own and toured around America, Brazil and Europe. He would not slow down from there, performing and receiving awards up to the late 2000’s. Unfortunately he passed away in late August from cancer. He was 72 years old.

Louis was loved for his music by fans of all ages and essentially played a major role in the growth of Jazz in Dublin. He inspired and wowed many musicians from all paths of life and will surely be missed.

Craig Marshall
Craig Marshall

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