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Ireland’s Unemployment Benefits: Below Par?

Ireland's unemployment benefits

Have you ever wondered how Ireland’s unemployment benefits compare to our EU counterparts? Are we over- or under-performing in this area? Throughout 2021, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) have been pressuring politicians to reevaluate our current “inadequate” unemployment…

Top tips to ace a virtual interview

How to ace a virtual interview

Given the current climate, it’s likely to be a while before in-person activities return to pre-pandemic levels and it seems that in the future virtual interviews are not just the “new normal” but the “only normal”. So what’s a virtual…

Is Music Journalism Still Relevant?

Before digitisation changed the whole business model of the music industry, music journalists were thought to be the ‘gatekeepers’ between musicians and their fans. Their words had weight and importance. Artists needed to get reviews, interviews, and column inches to…