Flood in Chile – People are without drinking water

The tragic event happened in Chile. Due to the flood the water supply was destroyed and cut off drinking water for almost 4 million people in Santiago, the capital.

Normally this month is a dry summer period in Chile, the heavy raining wasn’t expected.

Until the flood stops, the water cannot be provided.

So far we know that 19 people are missing, unfortunately the amount of dead people is not clear.

Additionally 373 people were isolated, the emergency teams worked to help them as quickly as possible.

People have been evacuated to the lowest part of the city in fear of landslides, the emergency team made an effort to clear the roads as quickly as possible.

The main company Aguas Andinas which provides water, made the statement that supplying water will be very difficult until it stops raining,

It is reported that two people died in Cajon del Maipo and a 12 year old girl was killed while she was travelling in car with her family.

The situation is very tense, the shops and supermarkets have run out of water, which is causing fights between people.

Schools, restaurants and businesses were ordered to stay closed until Monday.

The last time a flood affected Chile was a couple of years ago. During that time the copper mines in the village of San Jose de Maipo, which is the biggest mine in the world, had to shut down production.


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