Don’t close eyes for the black eyes

The Irish artist, Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne), released his new song which will make a lot of noise in next few years. The same as two years ago when his “Take Me To Church” music video had been watched by hundreds of people and started the global discussion about homosexual discrimination.

The new song is called “Cherry Wine”. Its lyrics are are sung from the point of view of an abused male partner who is the victim of the physical and mental violence from his partner.

“The way she tells me I’m hers and she is mine / Open hand or closed fist would be fine / The blood is rare and sweet as cherry wine”.

It is probably not the best song in history but because of the subject and great music video, it’s worthy to find on Youtube. Saoirse Ronan and Moe Dunford play very well in it. Ronan, the 21-year-old actress, is a two-time Academy Award nominee. In her very young age she has received “Best Supporting Actress” nomination for role as Briony Tallis in “Atonement” (2007) and this year is considered as a “Best Actress” candidate after playing Eilis Lacey in “Brooklyn”.

How to show domestic violence in the most stirring way ? The best method is to not show the violence. Ronan’s partner looks tender and loving, caressing and kissing her. But the actress’s pain is possible to see because of her expression. There is also the moment in the video when she clears make-up and we see her nasty black eye underneath.

“The song has always been one of my favourite tracks on his album. I hope through the video and song we can shine light on the issue and complexity of domestic abuse and in doing so help those caught up in the cycle of domestic violence” – Saoirse Ronan said.
Across Europe, one in three women report some form of physical or sexual abuse from the age of 15 and 8% suffer from abuse in the last 12 months. That’s why we need people like Hozier and Mrs. Ronan.


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