Most Expensive Countries in Europe

According to Eurostat, these are Scandinavian countries and Switzerland. You don’t want to go there if you have a salary from your own country.

All Scandinavian countries are in the top ten. These stats were published by Finnish Central Statistical Office.

The prices of 2500 products were compared. Switzerland is the first and Norway is second. In those countries you have to pay 55 per cent more than European average. Third is Denmark (40%), fourth is Sweden (30%).
Ireland is sixth in ranking, even more expensive than Great Britain. The cheapest country in Europe is Macedonia. The authors of the ranking say that the prices of alcohol and tobacco products has biggest impact on stats. Mainly because they are taxed mostly.

The most expensive countries in Europe:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Norway
  3. Luxembourg
  4. Iceland
  5. Denmark
  6. Ireland
  7. The United Kingdom
  8. Netherlands
  9. Finland
  10. France

The cheapest countries in Europe:

  1. Macedonia
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  3. Albania
  4. Serbia
  5. Romania
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Kosovo
  8. Montenegro
  9. Hungary
  10. Poland
  11. Turkey

Consumer price index (the highest in Europe):

  1. Switzerland
  2. Norway
  3. Iceland
  4. Denmark
  5. The United Kingdom
  6. Ireland
  7. Luxembourg
  8. Finland
  9. France
  10. Belgium

The accommodation price index (the highest in Europe):

  1. Luxembourg
  2. Switzerland
  3. Norway
  4. The United Kingdom
  5. Ireland
  6. Iceland
  7. The Netherlands
  8. Denmark
  9. France
  10. Belgium


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