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Don’t you understand Gaelic? Great! You’re like the majority of Irish people. And it’s not the only similarity you will find here in Dublin. This place is created for the people from all countries and cultures. It doesn’t change anything if you listen to The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. That’s why “The Integration Roadmap” was created.


What is it? A report. It Was prepared based on recommendations presented at the Roundtable discussion of migrants’ organisations, which took place in January 2016 at Trinity College. It is all about the things we should do in near future to overcome obstacles for integration.


“Modern Ireland is a diverse republic with a significant presence of migrants. According to the last census there are over 544,000 people from different countries living in Ireland. All together, we have representatives of over 199 nationalities living in the Republic of Ireland. Their presence makes us richer. Together we can exchange different experiences, bring differing points of view and work on solutions for problems from multiple perspectives. Diversity is a value which could benefit the nation.” – said Piotr Gawlik, Chairperson of Dialogue & Diversity, the organisation which published the report.


The presentation of the ‘The Integration Roadmap’ takes place on Wednesday, 17th February at 6.30 pm in the Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council Civic Offices. It is open for everyone. Me, you and even Donald Trump. Why not?


This is an excellent opportunity to give something for the Dublin community. And what you give, you later receive. For the ‘Integration Roadmap’ organisators it is very important to know which exactly the problems we have with the integration here. They don’t want to know it for a fun  They want to help us.


The main problems with multicultural society in Dublin are the uneven chances in the workplace, lack of migrants participation in politics and civic society. The only way to change it is to act.


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