Good New-Old Pub

Wiley Fox is a place you should remember or, if you have the memory of a fish, write it in your notebook. Situated on the Eden Quay 28 is a perfect place for going out.


The building has been renovated for the last few weeks to give it a fresh new look. From their facebook page we’re told to “Expect great tunes, pies, pizzas, cocktails, craft beers and much much more surprises!”.


The upstairs area is a venue/club area. They also have a smoking terrace on the second floor at the back of the building. There is a DJ box in a window looking down on the terrace, which is a very cool addition. Incidentally, you can see the new Wetherspoons building on Abbey street from the terrace.


Pints are cheaper than in the most places and pub decoration will make you ready to drink.
What do you need more ?


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