How to survive in Ireland on a budget as an international student

Moving to a new country can be a daunting task. Moving to Ireland is no different and the culture shock can be overwhelming for international students. 

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For starters, English is the lingua franca so its best to brush up on your use of the language.

According to a January 2019 rank, Ireland is the 10th most expensive country to live in the world ahead of the likes of France, Australia, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

For international students, the most difficult thing they would face is living in a comfortable and cheap apartment. 

Babylon Radio has the recipe for living on a budget in Ireland as an international student 

  1. Avoid take-outs, only give yourself a treat when you go out with your friends

Ordering food and eating out is a huge deal in Ireland and many students are tempted to have take-outs every night. It is best to avoid doing this as you will spend lots of money (15 euros on average ordering food). It’s best to cook your own food

  1. Buy your clothes, footwear and accessories at charity shops, Primark’s or Dunnes

Penney’s (called Primark’s outside Ireland), Dunnes and charity shops are your go-to guys for your cheapest clothes, footwear and accessories. Penney is popular among students and foreigners who don’t want to spend so much but want to look classy. 

  1. Look out for sales

If you are looking to get classy clothes or sneakers, its best to check for sales online. JD Sports, Sports Direct, Zolando, MandM Direct, Asos, River Island and many more have great sales online. 

  1. Buy your food from Lidl, Aldi or Food halls

Lidl, Aldi and food halls have the cheapest foods and its best to look for the closest supermarkets to shop. 

  1. Avoid renting studio apartments

As stated earlier, living in Ireland can be expensive and Dublin is known as one of the most expensive cities to live in the World. It is best to live with a host family, in a shared apartment or room with fellow students or on the outskirts of the city where rent is cheaper.  

  1. Walk more, use bicycles, use public transport less

If you have to walk 30 minutes, you should do that. You could also buy a bicycle to move around as using the Dublin bus or paying for taxis can be quite expensive.

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