Il Giovane Favoloso – The film screening

The movie Il Giovane Favoloso is a biographical film, which was awarded the Italian Movie Academy David di Donatello price.

The plot is about a young man who was raised in his father’s library and finally has to start living in the real world. Due to spending almost his entire life in library, he has a huge knowledge, which he naturally wants to enrich by travelling abroad.

However, living surrounded by books has had an impact on his social skills, that’s why quite quickly, he became an outsider.

The movie is a biography of the 19th century Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi. The director precisely depicted his miserable life and unhappy events, which marked his life. Living in the 19th century society for an open-minded person is even harder. The film is poignant and shows the journey of finding yourself and your goal in life.

The movie screening is today at 6.03 at the Italian Institute of Culture.

Admission is free.


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