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A culture today is not just a description of a particular tradition or a race or a country. Culture comprises all the countries’ traditions, history, and evolution. Culture is what tells how the world has evolved. It determines one’s life.

According to the World Happiness Report, Ireland is known to be the 16th happiest country.  People in this country live happily, stay happy, be happy, and sleep happily. As it is said, “Party Like an Irish”, and that’s the way it is supposed to be.

Though other than partying there is a lot more Ireland has given to the world.

6 of the many things are:


1. St. Patrick’s Day

A festival that started with the Irish and is now celebrated in many places. It is on the 17th of March every year; the death of Saint Patrick. He brought Christianity in Ireland and established churches, monasteries, and schools.

This day is celebrated with a parade, lots and lots of food, drinks, and an environment filled with green.


2. Halloween

A holiday yet again celebrated in many countries. 31st October is the night when children, families, people dress up in costumes of what pleases them and go out for trick or treats. Then again where it originated, Ireland.

It is a tradition that came to light with the ancient Celtic festival Samhain. On this day people would light bonfires and wear costumes to wear off ghosts.

  •  Halloween from Irish background to an American holiday                                                                                                                

3. Cream Cracker

Invented by Joseph Haughton, it is a squared, flat, savoury biscuit. Eerie as the name is that it doesn’t have any cream even then it’s called “cream crackers”. The cream is called out to be the process rather than an ingredient. It is about the method of how the oil is added to the mixture, creaming it with the flour.


4. Riverdance

It is a type of dancing involving quick feet movement while the arms being on the sides of the body. Beginning as a theatre show, it consists of Irish music and dance. It is one of the most cultural musicals. It defines Irish folk music which is quite unique in its own way.


5. Irish Cream

As the name suggests it is Irish. Based on Irish whiskey, cream, and other flavorings; it is a cream liqueur. It can be taken straight or with ice. Though added for flavor, in coffees, hot chocolates, and cocktails. Chocolate, vanilla, and almond are the three flavors of Irish Cream.  


6. Wake

Having a wake for the deceased is one of the oldest traditions of Ireland. Though modern Ireland seems less prominent towards it. Versions of this are seen globally, the wake for a person is basically a celebration for the life the deceased had. Their friends, family, everyone gathers to remember the life of the deceased who has now moved on.


There is more to it than just these 6 cultural involvement globally. The hearty food that is part of Ireland has also moved around the world. Bacon rashers were one other thing that the Irish gave to the world. Boxty a potato pancake is just one of the Irish origin dishes that are tasted all around the world. With this dish comes an Irish rhyme “Boxty on the griddle, boxty on the pan; if you can’t make boxty, you’ll never get a man”. 

Literature, a lot of it comprises of Irish writers. They have some beautiful renowned work done. Writers like Abraham Stroker, who introduced the vampire genre, became world-renowned after publishing his best-selling tale Dracula in 1897. C.S Lewis, a writer introducing the world of imagination with his work of The Chronicles of Narnia in 1950. 

Honoring the author Samuel Beckett, a bridge named after him was opened in Dublin over the River Liffey. His work has been admired by both the French and the Irish. Translated in French and English, his work has been an inspiration for all kinds of novelists and poets. 

Like so, there are a lot of areas where we cannot work without Ireland’s culture and diversity. 

Ireland has taken part in major cultural diversities that have been seen by many countries. It is a beautiful and historical place which has attracted tourists for a long time now. Its music, dance, liquor, museums, castles, beautiful beaches and so much more has taken over the hearts of people visiting Ireland. It is a country full of diverse people from different countries. Though it is said that most Irish are not in Ireland yet the place is full of welcoming people.

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