Irish medieval town – Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a small town in southern Ireland. It is considered the medieval capital of Ireland. Firstly, what you will definitely see is the castle. The huge majestic castle is raising up on a hill. In front of the castle there is a huge park, where you can relax with your friends or family.

The castle was built in the 12th century for  William Marshall. After some time it was  remodeled in a Victorian style. The castle park and gardens are open to visitors for free.

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Another attraction worth seeing is the Kilkenny Castle Yard, which was built in 1790. It has been the centre of art since then and it helps Kilkenny to be recognized as the centre of design.Currently, Shee Alms House is being used as a tourist centre.  It was founded by Richard Shee in 1582. It was designed to take care of poor people by providing beds and work.

Another very interesting attraction is the Tholsel Town Hall. The building was reconstructed  in 1761. Nowadays, it’s the seat for the local government. The Black Abbey was founded by William Marshall in 1225. The church is spectacular. The windows are still dating from its original structure. Since the 19th century, it became a place for a public worship.

Talbot’s Tower, currently  it’s one of the most popular medieval attractions. Used to defend the city, it was restored in 2006. Today, tourists are able to admire the tower.

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St. Mary’s Cathedral was designed by William Butler in the 12th century. Apparently, the designed is based on Gloucester Catherdral in England. What is interesting, the St. Mary’s Cathedral is situated on the higest point in Kilkenny.

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Naturally Kilkenny has much more attractions and interesting places to visit. The town is calm and the people are very friendly. Coming to Ireland, we should not only focus on visiting a big cities but also it’s worth making a journey to small towns, which are very picturesque.


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