Irish Universities and colleges with their specialities

If you are someone planning to move to Ireland for studies, here are a few Irish universities and colleges along with the courses that they are famous for.

Irish universities and colleges are becoming a popular choice all over the world and it looks like there are legitimate reasons for it. Universities and colleges in counties like Dublin, Cork, and Kildare, have seen a considerable increase in the number of international students in the last few years. If you are someone planning to move to Ireland for studies, here are a few universities and colleges along with the courses that they are famous for.

Irish universities and colleges: Here’s a list of their specialities

University College Dublin

University College Dublin is one of the most prestigious institutes of Ireland. The university has a variety of subject options to choose from and almost all of them have received a positive response from the students. Six subjects, including Veterinary Science, Nursing, and Engineering (mineral and mining), amongst others, have been listed in the top 50 list which was published by QS World University Rankings back in 2019. This Irish University and college also comes with a wide range of student amenities which you might find easily during your time here.

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin is another institute to join if you are hunting for a good Irish University or college to get into. It stands 22nd in the list of best colleges for English language and Literature, 28th for Pharmacy and Pharmacology, and 41st for Nursing. The vibe of the Trinity campus is sure to leave you spellbound to say the least and is hands down, one of the best parts of your student experience here. 

University of Galway

University of Galway is a great option for you if you are a fan of grandeur architecture and a well-organized teaching structure. The university is on the West Coast, away from Dublin which is one of the many reasons international students prefer going here. According to QS Subject ranking results, the subject of English was ranked in the top 100 subjects list and other courses like Nursing. Hospitality & leisure Management and Law were also rated high at NUIG.

Dublin Business School

The best part about Dublin Business School has to be the fees. For some courses, you will be paying almost half of what you have to pay in other universities and in most of these cases, there is almost no difference in the quality of education. This is also a popular choice for international students and the active student union is a major add on to the courses that they are offering. This Irish college is famous for Counseling and Psychotherapy, MA in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, amongst others.

Maynooth University

Maynooth University has a reputation for high quality education and that is the reason for its popularity amongst both the Irish population and the international students. It’s ranked number one in Ireland for best young university and the experienced professors and helpful staff are sure to leave an impression on you. This Irish university is recognized for the high quality researchers that come through every year. The impressive list of Alumni is also something you might be interested in.

Dublin City University

Dublin City University also known as DCU is a popular choice for students looking for Irish college options and they have specific courses which are better than what you can find anywhere else in Ireland. They claim to offer the best Communications course in Ireland and stands third in Accounting and Financing and Business and Management courses in the country.

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