Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival 2017

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, you definitely shouldn’t miss out on the Japanese Cherry Blooming Festival, which takes place in the Phoenix Park on 23th April. You will have the chance to explore Japanese culture from traditional to modern.

The festival kicks off at 12.00 with a J-pop dance by Taiko and Nankin Tamasudare and Martial Arts Demo with traditional Irish and Japanese music. Later on, there will be a children’s performance of a traditional Japanese dance. Around 1pm you will see a modern Irish band,  as well as the performance of traditional Japanese music- shamisen and well-know throughout the world- cosplay.

At 2.30pm there will be a show of Taiko fusion of Bodhran and dance. On the main stage, the last performance takes place at 3.45pm entitled “ Japanese Matsuri Grand Finale”Naturally, the festival will entertain you with many more attractions, such as calligraphy, kimono and yukata dressing, Kamishibai storytelling and origami.

The festival hosts some seminars in order to give you a great opportunity to extend your knowledge about Japanese culture.The first lecture is about Japanese Gardens Kildare; the next one is about Rakugo, which is a form of verbal entertainment. The last seminar will be about prose and haiku.

There will also be an occasion to try Japanese food.

The festival is definitely going to be fantastic.


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