Madame X: Madonna’s new persona is a moving target which will never be hit.

She is not the most up-to-date artist on the Internet today. She is not so young anymore. But she is not just somebody. She’s the Queen of Pop. Also she is  an American singer, songwriter, actress and businesswoman. I am talking about Madonna. But now you can call her Madame X and tomorrow she presents for the first time at Billboard Music Awards. Last week she released the new single Medellín, feat Colombian singer Maluma. “Medellín” is one of 15 songs from the 14th album Madame X, which will be released next month on the 14th of May by Live Nation, Interscope Records and Maverick. The album comes to the public after four years, Rebel Heart (2015). During this period, Madonna moved to Lisbon, Portugal, where one of her sons plays football at Benfica FC. According to the singer, during the release of the new video on MTV UK, “I went to Lisbon because my son wants to be a professional soccer player”. The city also inspired Madonna to create new sounds for the album, which has a lot of influence from Latin music.

“Vamo’ pa’ Medellín”

mad5A week after the release of the official videoclip, it has been watched for over 13 million times. “Medellín” also debuted at number one on the Billboard Latin chart. This is the first time Madonna appears on the Latin Digital Song Sales chart. This is not a huge number compared to the new generations of pop singers. Madonna has been on the hit charts since the 1980s. Her fans are loyal but also very critical. Madame X always wants to innovate and this does not always please them. She is sixty years old and this may have been one of the reasons that English radios tried to boycott the new single “Medellín”. Last week, Britain’s Daily Star newspaper revealed that Madonna was being ignored by BBC stations. For being 60, Madonna would no longer communicate with the young audience, according to the newspaper. But, after another controversy, in the official site of the station, “Medellín” was listed as “Music of the Week”.

mad4The Madonna On Line, produced by Rafael Augusto, graphic / web designer and great fan of the singer, announced the reasons for choosing the name Madame X for the new album. According to the site, Madonna said, “I arrived in New York at age 19 and started studying dance with Martha Graham (one of the biggest names in modern dance) and had to wear a uniform. I do not know why, but as soon as they tell me there’s a rule, I have to break it. “Because she was disobedient, Madonna was called to a conversation with Martha Graham and the teacher said,” Here we have rules and regulations ” And Madonna replied, “But if you had followed the rules, you would not be where you are today.” The teacher added, “I’m going to give you a name, Madame X. Everyday you come to class but I do not recognize you. Your identity; you are a mystery to me. “

Madonna defined Madame X as a secret agent, traveling round the world, changing her identity, fighting for freedom, bringing light to the dark places. She is a cha cha cha instructor, a teacher, a head of state, the housekeeper, an equestrian, a prisoner, a student, a teacher, a nun, a cabaret singer, a saint, a prostitute.

Billboard Music Awards


Part of all, we’ll be able to watch the singer’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards this Wednesday. The fans can expect is a super production that, according to the British newspaper, The Sun, will use visual technology that will set fire to the world of showbiz. Madonna has worked on an incredible combination of holographic images. This will put the pop queen in a virtual reality world, which organizers say has never been tried on a show before.

To watch all the performance from today’s biggest chart toppers and see who takes home the awards, tune in on Wednesday, May 1, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. You can also watch NBC live online by visiting and logging in with your cable TV provider.  


by Rodrigo Valadares

Rodrigo Valadares
Rodrigo Valadares

I am Rodrigo from Brazil. I have worked as a journalist there since 1999, always as a text editor and content on TV. I am 43 years old and now I am living in Dublin. I have discovered how fascinating it is to know and live others cultures since I arrived here.

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