McDonald’s shuts branches during ‘Day Without Immigrants’

McDonald’s is a known brand worldwide, which certainly has an impact on their customers. The brand decided to start being politically and socially active as well. On Thursday McDonald’s with other restaurants and businesses closed locals across the USA as a protest against Donald Trump’s immigration law. Another issue which was created against this law is The Day Without Immigrants Protest, which allowed foreign-born workers not attend to the US economy  for a day.

Another example, where people show their resistance to their the new president depict closing shops, groceries and schools. As a result of  Trump’s announcement about a ban on citizens from Muslim countries and seal the Southern US-Mexican border.

Definitely these kind of actions arise an interest in the public eye and affect society. Unpleased and disappointed Mcdonald’s customers posted on twitter that they couldn’t enjoy a meal in the restaurant due to shut down outlets. It showed how many foreign-born workers are working in the USA. Naturally the action of McDonald’s to participate in Day Without Immigrants was supported not only by their customers but also by others.

Robert Melos posted on his twitter :

I was going to stop at McDonald’s for breakfast, but it’s closed. I hear it’s closed because this is the day immigrants are taking off as protest to Trump’s immigration law. I was annoyed at first until I realized why it was closed. Now I’m in full support of anything that goes against Trump and his ilk. I still want my pancakes and sausage, but I accept immigration, legal or otherwise, as a fact of progression of the human race. We need to be one world working toward to betterment of everyone, not isolating each country and living in fear. Everything is temporary, and needs to be seen as such. “

Fortunately as was mentioned before, customers understood this special and unusual situation and showed their support for McDonald’s. It indicates how many people are against Trump’s policy.


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