Nowadays success means speaking English

Nowadays, it is believed that without speaking English fluently it’s hard to be successful.

For instance ITT Motion Technologies demands all employees to speak in English, even from the senior staff. In countries such as Japan, Germany, India and China, English is a common language in companies in which everyone communicates.

Another example is a French food company Sodexo, which embraces English as an official language after many years translating information into eight languages including Spanish. Currently the company uses only English, so that, if you have problems with communication in this language, you might not be considered to be hired by the company.

More companies based on non-English speaking countries adopt English as a formal language, like Japanese companies- Nissan and Honda, or German electronic company Siemens. It might seem to be unusual, however there is an important reason, why companies prefer to use only English. English became an official language in companies to make communication with other companies easier. If everyone speaks in the same language doing business is much more convenient.

Nowadays, everyone speaks in English. Children in primary school learn this language. Very often parents send their children to private English schools.  However, English in various countries is provided on different levels. It might lead to that, even after a few years of learning you are still not fluent in this language, which in future may lead to face some difficulties in finding a job.

Another disadvantage of using only English in companies based in non-English speaking countries, is that not in all countries English is taught in schools. For instance, in Italy only 29% people speak in English and in Brazil only 5%.

However, many companies try to do their best to change the difference of English level of their employees, by providing language lessons.

Although, even with good intentions, still one of the requirements to get a job is to speak in English. That’s why, if you think about your future career, put more effort into learning English, because without speaking fluently or at least very well, you may struggle to find a job.


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