Pints for Pennies: Pub Crawl of Dublin North City Centre

Finding a cheap pint in this city can be tricky. Luckily Babylon Radio has mapped out a nice wee pub crawl with pints under 6 euro! This weeks map is a pub crawl on the North side of Dublin City Centre — away from all the hassle of Temple Bar

Pint's for Penny's: Pub Crawl of Dublin North City Centre

The Cobblestone

Start the night in The Cobblestone, a  charming ‘drinking pub with music problem’ in Smithfield. A traditional Irish music bar and venue, this is one of the best spots in town to kick back with a pint and enjoy some trad. To prove the point, the owner Tom Mulligan and his family have been playing trad for 5 generations and several of the most respected trad musicians have lead sessions in The Cobblestone. Definitely a must see (and a must drink because the alcohol is very reasonably priced)

  • Beer/Cider: €4.50-5.20
  • Wine (¼ bottle):€ 5.20
  • Spirits: € 4.40
  • Soft drinks: €2.10-2.70 

(Prices subject to change)

Hacienda Bar

Hidden away in a rather unassuming white stucco building is one of the coolest bars you’ll find in Dublin. A speakeasy-style spot, The Hacienda boasts a celebrity clientele (featured all over the walls) and the decor is bohemian fusion of Spanish style with a nautical twist. There’s no sign, no clear front entrance, but don’t fear! Just press the  buzzer, answer Shay’s (The barman/host) question, and enjoy the night and enjoy a pint (for less than a fiver) a game of pool and some 80’s music.

  • Beer/Cider: €2.60-5.10
  • Spirits: €4.20
  • Soft Drinks €2.50

(Prices subject to change)


Sin É

Opened back in 2001, Sin E has established itself as ‘one of Dublin City’s most eclectic night spots and alternative live music venues.’ With a huge selection of craft ales, a plethora of beer on tap, as well as a top notch liquor selection, Sin E is the perfect joint to sit back, relax, and down a couple pints. Bonus: they offer free admission live music events every night of the week!

      • Beer: €5 (pitcher of fosters for 12, 5 sol for 20, etc.)
      • Spirits:€ 5-7

(Prices subject to change)

The Grand Social

Going on 9 years, The Grand Social has become a local haunt for music-minded city dwellers. With a parlour facing the Ha’penny Bridge, a rooftop beer garden, a ballroom perfect for pres and partying, and a boho-circus themed loft/venue space, The Grand Social can deliver on whatever vibe you’re looking for. Grab a drink, check out the live music, and enjoy!

  • Beer €5-8 
  • Wine: €6.40-6.90
  • Spirits: €4-18

(Prices subject to change)



Enter Mistress Panti’s lair for a night of drag, drink, and other delectable delights! PantiBar, established in 2007 to serve Dublin’s LGBTQ+ community, has become a staple spot on Dublin City’s north side. From karaoke to pub quizzes, as well as full on extravaganzas, PantiBar has an event for every mood!

  • Beer: €4-5
  • Pitcher: €11-13
  • Spirits & Mixer:  € 6-7

(Prices subject to change)


Looking for more pubs to visit? Check out The Favourite Pubs of Dublin’s Irish writers: A Guide 

Emma Grove
Emma Grove

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