Rio in Dublin

Sometimes it’s easier to find Brazilian people rather than Irish people in Dublin. Their community is too big and interesting to not have the opportunity to celebrate their carnival. The party in Dtwo took place last Sunday and if you weren’t there, you can only cry in depression depress now.

Everything started at 3pm. Why so early ? Because of Brazilians who hate nights ? Absolutely not. There were just so many things to do.

Everybody was dancing. No matter if they were eating, talking or getting drunk at the same time. Ten bands were playing during the whole event. Not just the one kind of music. I heard more sounds than Bill Gates has dollars. Some of them were internationally electronic, some had roots straight from Brazil.

About eighty per cent of the participators were from the same country of Ronaldinho and samba. But because of a huge number of two thousand people, we can say that Europeans also liked the Carnival in Dublin. They were not moving so fast and smoothly, but like at every party, fun is more important.

It was my first chance to try the Brazilian food. There were three different places where they served it. ‘MySobor’ had the coxinha, croquete, pastel & torta. The most interesting place was The Kitchen Brazilian BBQ, but they were selling the national dishes and those names were too difficult to remember. I also tasted ‘Brahma’ beer for a first time. I thinks it’s the best drink to have while you are in South America and temperatures are about forty degrees. In ever so cold Dublin it’s a little bit too fancy.

Three extras were prepared for guests. First there was a reward for the best dressed group. The choice was more difficult than skiing in Africa. Too many people dressed up. At the same time people were heated by the ‘Miss Carnival Ireland 2016’ competition. Who didn’t prepare any disguise for himself, he was able to get a  mask for free and be ‘facepainted’.

As Babylon Radio, we were broadcasting this years Carnival straight from ‘Dtwo’ which prepared a great party. For a one day South-American sun was rising over the Dublin.


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