The secrets to living in Ireland as an Afghan

Living in Ireland as an Afghan is not as enjoyable as it is expected according to the Afghan Community and Cultural Association of Ireland. 

According to an April 2016 data released by the Central Statistic office, there are about 1,272 Afghans living in Ireland. That number has only increased in subsequent years. 

The Afghan community in Ireland is a growing one as people from Afghanistan flee the country for greener pastures to escape wars and poverty. 

Chairman of the Afghan Community & Cultural Association Of Ireland, Nasrudin Saljuqi has however warned his fellow countrymen against moving to Ireland. 

Speaking to Babylon Radio, Mr Nasrudin says living in Ireland as an Afghan should not a priority. 

The author advised his fellow countrymen to live in Ireland as international students and tourists. 

“I would not advise anyone coming from Afghanistan to move to Ireland permanently because of the distance. Ireland is far away you will always want to return home. 

“But I would say you should to Ireland as an international student to further your studies. You can also come over as a tourist. There are many places in Ireland an Afghan can visit and have fun,” he said. 

Nasrudin arrived in Ireland as a refugee in 2000, he was one of the few Afghans living in the country.

He arrived through the United Nations Refugee program in 2000 as he made the bold choice to leave a country where his father made his name as a poet. 

Despite leaving Afghanistan, Mr Nasrudin says he has no regrets migrating to Ireland. One of the reasons why he has enjoyed living in the country is because he thinks the Irish are very welcoming of foreigners. 

Mr Nasrudin says one of the best ways to enjoy living in Ireland as an Afghan is to visit the Middle-Eastern country on a yearly basis like he does. 

He said: “I visit Afghanistan once every year and sometimes with my family but it is far away.”

Mr Nasrudin arrived has seen all of his children have graduated from university. Three of them are now working abroad and two have been awarded PhDs.

Ayomide Akinshilo
Ayomide Akinshilo

Ayomide is a journalist and editor with a passion for sports, video games and African culture. He has degrees in Mass Communication, Journalism and Media Communication.

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