The War of Independence

There are only few countries in the world which didn’t have to fight for their independence. They are born under a lucky star but with thinner history books.


In 1919, a war called the War of Independence began against the British forces in Ireland. The Irish Republican Army (IRA) wanted to force the British out of Ireland and make them eat those horrible breakfasts in their own territory. Firstly, they attacked the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC), the police force in Ireland. It was being considered supporting the British rule and law – enemy of Irish independence. Most of the civil servants had good careers in Ireland and no place in England to return to.


The IRA burned their barracks and captured their arms. Many members of the police force were killed, injured or resigned. Not very friendly, but that’s what you have to do to achieve sovereignty. In other British colonies even worse things, including torture and rape happened.


The IRA fought British soldiers using guerrilla tactics. They attacked the British soldiers by surprise and then escaped quickly before they could be caught. Because of that, the British government was less happy than vampires during polar days and sent more forces to Ireland. One unit was known as the Black and Tans because of their uniforms. They were not saving anybody, often punishing the local population and because of this, they were hated by ordinary civilians. They were fought by the IRA.


Finally, in 1921, the situation got too tense and negotiations took place in London to end the war. Michael Collins and Arthur Griffith were among the Irish representatives. In December 1921, a treaty was signed which soon brought about a new country called the Irish Free State. It was decided that the new state would be made up of twenty-six of the thirty-two Irish counties.


The story of a new country had began and Great Britain lost its first territory.


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