Titanic’s last lunch menu sold for 78.000€

A wide selection of meats, fish, vegetables and cheeses, many prepared in luxurious ways. That was the menu that the passengers of the Titanic enjoyed on the 14th of April, 1912, just one day before the opulent transatlantic tragically sinked in the Atlantic Ocean, taking the lives of more than 1.500 passengers and the crew.

The menu was saved by Abraham Lincoln Salomon, who was one of the few people that survived. A first-class passenger who boarded the lifeboat, also known as the Money Boat or the Millionaire’s boat because of accusations that its wealthy passengers bribed the crew to row away from the sinking ship.  More than a century after the tragedy, the menu was sold yesterday at an auction in New York for US$88,000 (€78,450), together with two other artifacts from this lifeboat.



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