Top Pubs to Grow Your Network in Dublin

Always wondered where the professionals hangout in Dublin after work?

We had to figure it out as well when we just arrived in Dublin. So, after some very intense field research and meeting some very interesting people, we can now help you in the right direction. Here are two other good reads about how to get to know Dublin better.

Here is the list of the top pubs where to grow your network in Dublin:

The Ferryman
Crowd: Professionals from Facebook
Friendly pub with a great selection of beers. Situated next to the River Liffey near the Grand Canal Quay, well worth a visit.


Slattery’s Pub

Crowd: Professionals from Google
Here they serve a great pint of Guinness! And if you get hungry, visit the neighbors (Paulie’s Pizza). Typical Irish pub where you meet your fair share of Googlers.


The Boat

Crowd: Professionals from HubSpot
It’s the boat next to the Samual Beckett Bridge, only thing special about this place is that’s a boat….always crowed and a great place to hang out during the summer. HubSpotter tend to cross the bridge to the Ferryman if the weather ain’t that friendly.


Dean Hotel
Crowd: Professionals from Dropbox
Dublin’s fancy pants new hot spot, Sophies Bar at the top floor of the Dean Hotel. Located in the middle of the action on Harcourt Street. Tuck in your shirt and polish those shoes, you’re drinking G&Ts tonight.


The Bernard Shaw
Crowd: Professionals from Zendesk
We like Zendesk because we get invited to play table tennis and drink beer with them. After they kicked our ass in table tennis they take us to the Bernard Shaw, where they have an old bus in the yard that serves pizza…do we need to say more?


Crowd: Professionals from LinkedIn
We like to dress up sometimes, at House they do it every evening, specially Fridays when the expat crowd comes over to spend their hard earned cash on tasty cocktails or even pop the champagne to celebrate a great sales quarter.


The Epi Center
Crowd: Professionals from Oracle
This is definitely off the beaten path, East Point Business Park. One thing we can guarantee for sure, this place is packed with expats. And if your looking to get in with one of the biggest US corporations, go here and chat away, big chance you’re talking to a manager looking to fill open positions.


Hit the pub!

This list will have you covered for the next 7 weeks (if you visit one place each Friday). Final advice, drink, socialize and enjoy!

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