Who Works The Most ?

The answer is surprising and designed only for hard-working people that will read this whole whole article.


The economic crisis, highest perks for not doing anything. Laziest people and nice beaches ideal for rest. Although, you have to forget about all these stereotypes because Greek work the most in Europe. 39,27 hours a week. At least in statistics. When you make coffee for work friends it is also counted as work hours.


My compatriots have only a little more time to rest. Poles work 36.98 hours a week, three more than laziest European nations as Germans and Dutch (39,5). Actually, what can be surprising, but it’s logical, people work less in richer countries. Usually they are just more effective. That’s why I have to say sorry, for this two nations mentioned before, for calling them lazy.


Americans feel overworked and many also fail to take their paid time off. The average U.S. workweek is 34.4 hours, according to data made available by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). However, that’s nowhere near the most hours worked compared to other countries around the world.


The U.S. ranks at number 16 for the longest workweek, behind Ireland and ahead of the Czech Republic, according to the OECD. Mexican workers came in first (or last, deepening on your perspective) with 42.85 hours worked per week.


German workers came in last (or first, depending on your perspective) with an average workweek of just 26.37 hours. Sweden, where some businesses have shifted to a six-hour workday, ranked no. 29 on the OECD list with an average 30.94 hour workweek.


Here is the ranking :


  1. Mexico 42.85
  2. Costa Rica 42.62
  3. Korea 40.85
  4. Greece 39.27
  5. Chile 38.27
  6. Russia 38.17
  7. Latvia 37.27
  8. Poland 36.98
  9. Iceland 35.85
  10. Estonia 35.75
  11. Hungary 35.73
  12. Portugal 35.71
  13. Israel 35.63
  14. Lithuania 35.27
  15. Ireland 35.02
  16. United States 34.40
  17. Czech Republic 34.15
  18. Slovakia 33.90
  19. New Zealand 33.88
  20. Italy 33.35
  21. Japan 33.25
  22. Canada 32.77
  23. Spain 32.48
  24. United Kingdom 32.25
  25. Australia 32.00
  26. Finland 31.63
  27. Luxembourg 31.60
  28. Austria 31.33
  29. Sweden 30.94
  30. Switzerland 30.15
  31. Slovenia 30.02
  32. France 28.33
  33. Denmark 27.62
  34. Norway 27.44
  35. Netherlands 27.40
  36. Germany 26.37

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