World Animal Week

This week is world animal week! A full week dedicated to loving animals in all their shapes and forms. It is celebrated around the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. This week is aimed at raising awareness for animal welfare. So this week, make an effort to help your local society that protects animals. You can help by making a donation, offering to volunteer your time, re-homing or adopting an animal from a shelter or organize a fundraising event (such as coffee mornings, bag backs or charity run).

See the ISPCA website for animals that need re-homing (honestly, take a glance and you won’t be long deciding who you want to take home) or see your local shelter.

KWWSPCA, Little Hill Animals Rescue and DSPCA are just a few of the worthy causes to check out.

And don’t forget, it’s not just cats and dogs that need re-homing! Chickens, horses, donkeys, small mammals and reptiles can need new homes too. Always spay or neuter your pets to prevent unwanted babies (I’m not suggesting anyone doesn’t want puppies, but remember that they all need to find loving homes!). Having you dog micro-chipped is required by Irish law, and it’s the most effective way of getting your dog back to you if he or she goes missing.

But our pets aren’t the only animals who deserve our attention this week. Dublin zoo have a Wild Cat Weekend to raise awareness and funds for endangered big cat species. They have Asian lions and Amur tigers at the zoo so head to there this weekend for arts, crafts and information about big cats and their conservation.

Here at Babylon radio, we are all animal lovers

Here are some pictures of our pets!


Jersey, A beautiful Beauceron Labrador cross


Tango, probably the sassiest cat you’ll meet


Dexter, the fluffy Bichon Frise


Hammy the hamster

Masie and Agatha


Loves snapchat filters and taking picture of her cat

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