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What's On Multicultural group of people

1. The Eurydice Project When Eurydice, nymph, one of Apollo’s daughters and Orpheus’ wife died, his husband tried to bring…

What's On 1 (1)

1. Orion at the Workman’s Club The Suas Voluntary Placement Program have prepared today a charity funds raise gig where…

What's On St-Paddys-HEAD

1. The St. Patrick’s Two Nighter at Workman’s Club St Paddy made it true! Two consecutive nights of fun, music…

What's On happy-people-friends

1. Monster Truck at the Green Room, The Academy The Canadian rock band Monster Truck is arriving today in Dublin…

What's On Vellykket-prosjekt-om-utdanning-for-ungdom-med-kort-botid-i-Buskerud

1. Francophonie Screenings: A Promise delivered. Secrets of Vilnius (2014) Celebrating the Mois de la Francophonie (Month of the Francophony)…

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