5 foods that affect your sex life

Food has been identified as one of the big factors that affect your sex life. It can either increase or decrease your performance when it comes to sex. This article will discuss the  5 foods that affect your sex life, either negatively or positively.


When we think of food or a good diet, we always relate it to weight but hardly to sex. When we practise lifestyles such as eating green or binging on junk food, our concern is not our sex life. Scientists have, however, found that there is a correlation between the foods we eat and our sex life; this means that what we eat does not just affect our looks but also our intimacy. So, here are some 5 foods that affect your sex life:


  1. Foods that contain Zinc: crab, lobster, oysters, nuts, red meat

These foods are best known for increasing your libido and are at times called aphrodisiacs. Having a regular dose of each of these foods will help you to maintain a good sexual appetite. There may be other factors that affect your sexual cravings, such as stress, and sexual disorders that may affect your sexual responses. Such may require you to seek help from a specialist. 

  • Zinc is an Essential Element for Male Fertility
  1. Foods rich in flavonoids: red wine, tea, apple, grapes, citrus fruits, watermelon

Studies have shown that these foods contribute greatly to blood flow, sex requires a lot of blood flow. During sex, the man has to maintain an erection and the female has to maintain lubrication; for this to happen, there has to be an increase in blood flow towards the organs that are used during sex. Foods rich in flavonoids help to open up the vessels to increase the blood flow.

  1. Foods rich in dietary nitrates: beetroot, spinach, lettuce, arugula, celery

These foods help the process of vasodilation, which is a process whereby one’s blood vessels expand; this then results in an increased blood flow. For sex to be pleasurable, it requires a lot of blood flow so nitrates promt these blood vessels to open up.


If there are foods that are good for your sexual health, there are also foods that actually kill your sexual life and we will discuss them next.


  1. Alcohol

Earlier we mentioned that red wine was good for you, but too much of it (or any type of alcohol) can have a negative effect on your sex life. Too much alcohol can affect your sex drive, erection and could result to premature ejaculation. The only thing you can get from too much alcohol is insane confidence, other than that, nothing good ever comes out of too much alcohol.

  1. Food containing lot of sodium: canned soups, too much salt

Canned soups are notorious for containing too much salt, but also if we do not watch our salt intake levels, it could result in increased levels of sodium in our bodies. This then increases blood pressure, which then decreases blood flow and this may result in erectile dysfunction. 


Your sex life is affected by a lot of things but food does play a huge factor in it. It is important that we are conscious of our food intake because the effects are not only going to be visible through weight gain or loss but they may also affect other areas that we did not think they could. 


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