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5 foods that affect your sex life

By Welile Gina / February 27, 2021

Food has been identified as one of the big factors that affect your sex life. It can either increase or decrease your performance when it comes to sex. This article will discuss the  5 foods that affect your sex life, either negatively or positively.   When we think of food or a good diet, we […]


Depression has evolved. Do we have the interventions to handle it?

By Welile Gina / February 18, 2021

With the increasing rate of diagnosis of depression and suicide rates, it really feels as if depression is no longer what we used to know it to be. The question then becomes, has depression evolved and do we have the interventions to handle it?   Depression has evolved: Hippocrate versus Millennials The truth is, depression […]


Reasons To Raise A Mentally Strong Child

By Welile Gina / February 9, 2021

From the time a child is born, they constantly try to make sense of the world. A child comes out the womb screaming their lungs out (not all of them) because they have entered into a new sphere, one that they are yet to understand and learn. The understanding of the world comes in stages […]


The Loneliness Of Migration And The Struggle To Integrate

By Welile Gina / February 5, 2021

“Loneliness provides no warning to an immigrant,” says Jonathan Dreannan in his article on the Irish Times. All foreigners know this feeling all too well; it does not matter if you migrated with your friends, family, or by yourself – the feeling is the same across all migrant demographics. When we calculate these challenges of […]