5 great ways to boost your metabolism

5 great ways to boost your metabolism.

In this article, I will discuss 5 great ways of boosting your body’s metabolism; a lot of people understand that having a naturally slow metabolism can be detrimental to their goals regarding weight loss or just self-improvement, but don’t actually know what exactly their metabolism is.

Without getting too sciency, your metabolism is your body’s natural chemical processes, i.e. Everything that ticks on in the background, keeping your machine chugging along normally, such as breathing, repairing damaged cells, and digesting food.

All these automated processes need energy to function, with your body having a minimum metabolic rate that it burns calories to achieve. The higher your metabolic rate, the more calories your body will naturally burn throughout the day.

I discovered from my own attempts to boost my metabolism these five great tried and tested methods that helped me overcome a rather difficult plateau on my journey to living a healthier lifestyle.

  1. The wonderful world of herbal tea

Adding herbal tea like rooibos, green, or oolong can seriously help boost your metabolism in the short term. What first reads like a wife’s tale, like the salmon liver oil or the flat 7UP you might have been forced to drink when you were younger, does have a real basis in science.

With green tea being able to increase your body’s metabolism by a recorded 4–5%, drinking at least one cup of green tea was one of the easiest habits I was able to add to my day. But, to be honest, there was an initial shock from falling in love with tea that wasn’t Lyons or Barry’s.

I found, after exploring the different herbal options, that I personally enjoyed the taste of simple green tea the best, but would recommend a dash of honey if you normally enjoy sugar with your tea.


  1. Go to bed early

Sleep is a vital and often neglected component of your personal health; it enables your metabolism to complete its more intensive functions, such as self-repair and growth. Getting a proper night’s rest will also help you to prevent heart disease, while also decreasing the duration of any illness you may have.

Improving my sleep schedule was the hardest habit I attempted to add to my day in the hope it would improve my body’s metabolism. I’ve always described myself as a night owl, but since fixing my sleep schedule. I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to go back to my normal restless AM nights.

Not getting a good night’s sleep also seems to boost hormones relating to hunger, so having a restless night can significantly set your eating habits back the next day.


  1. Smart snacking

This may be the more surprising category in this list, but, by allowing your body to store food that is low in calories, it will help in the overall digestion of heavier meals that you will have throughout the day.

Remember your body needs calories to work through its necessary functions regarding the breaking down of food. By snacking on very low caloric foods, such as celery or plain popcorn, your body’s metabolic rate rises in response.

I can personally tell you that there is no easier healthy lifestyle habit to achieve then regular snacking.


  1. Movement is key

Unfortunately, with the antisocial nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, having access to gyms where you can properly train your body, is no longer an option, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do exercise.

By adding even small amounts of bodyweight fitness or simple cardio to your daily routine, that can help you for long after the workout has been completed. The overall key for increasing your body’s metabolic rate is by creating processes for your body to unconsciously do in the background; a simple walk will do a lot more good than you may think.

And, it can certainly help clear any of the mental fog that these lockdowns often impose.


  1. Drinking more water

We are all aware that we should be drinking more water, but by drinking just one pint of water, you can dramatically increase your resting metabolic rate by 10-30%, for the next hour.

Drinking your recommended daily amount of water has the added benefit of helping reduce water weight (quite ironically) as water helps your body expunge excess sodium and fat. Water also has the subconscious benefit of making you feel fuller throughout the day, meaning you are less likely to eat in between meals.

I personally found that by simply drinking more water at the start of my day, I was more conscious about my eating habits come the evening time.


It is often common for people to begin to struggle with their goals for self-improvement, especially around four weeks after starting, so now that we are exactly a month into 2021, a lot of people will soon begin feeling discouraged by the goals they set to live a healthier lifestyle.

So, when I eventually reached my weight loss plateau by becoming more aware of the machinations of my body, while at the same time attempting to tweak it for the better, I began to feel less discouraged by my progress slowing down, which in the long run helped me to endure some of the obstacles that come with self-improvement in lockdown

Sean Barrett
Sean Barrett

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